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Who is trying to be in a talkie and now she was this movie also wasn fact. Gloria swanson's comeback. Much like much. Like norma desmond was trying to get her big comeback with her terrible film. This was actually swanson's comeback. It got her first golden globe win in her twenty something years of acting lots of connections but i listened to an interview with her. And it's with of course barbara walters and and she was ninety five at the time she was active up an atom hennelly. Very white But she did talk about you. Know the award. But also other effects from her playing the role of norma desmond. People are terrified of may because of that road lot of people. Look at as if i'm gonna go off anymore. Suddenly tokyo mac not not voice and that is at all not. There's no. i don't know anyone like that in california. It's kinda sad that people were scared of her because of that role while hopefully she could take it as a compliment meaning. She was a very good actress. Who had played a very convincing role. Go there we go. That can always happen to actors and actresses in different roles that they take on it can become their role ever. I mean that certainly happens like in dome series like harry potter over. Sure the hunger games they become that character only so it can be hard to to break out of that but this is at the end of her career so it's just kind of a way to remember her the end Some other people in this movie were played almost themselves course. The played himself but the bridge partners that she People that she played bridge with in the movie. We're actually other silent film stars in real life. They were in the movie but they were also in real life so again. It's these people who are have become little outdated obsolete if they can't transition into speaking in film whereas some of the actors who are in there. I know one of them. He went onto play in lots of movies as a probably in buster can move. I'm guessing but some of the people. Yeah they played themselves and in reality they were no longer no longer film stars. So it's kinda sad and kind of surprising that they took it on but you know luck there it could have always changed afterward but kind of interesting there that people were kind of playing themselves or at least their state in life will in. Did you know that will be demille helped. Make gloria swanson famous. Oh yes yeah. They worked on movies together in nineteen nineteen actually like that early on and which she goes to visit him in this movie. She wears a peacock feather in her hat. Which isn't oh my gosh to a movie. They made together decades earlier called male and female which i thought was really money. Yeah and also their nicknames for each other were the rare real life nickname. Remind me those. Mr demille which not that that's nickname. But that's what she always call him and then his or her was like young young lady or young young fellow young fellow while and he's not the only director in this movie that she had worked within the silent era. Did you realize that will know eric. Von stroheim who played max really was a director and he had directed glorious swanson in a movie called queen kelly however it also did not end well in real life no so this movie called queen. Kelly may in nineteen twenty nine. The original director was gone. Stroheim max but she fired him a third of the way through the movie because he was spending way too much money and then they went on to play these parts together Wow and the movie that she watches with. William holden is footage from queen. Kelly and all those old pictures of her are real old pictures of her. There's a lot of overlap. Between what is what is fiction and one is reality. The lions real blurred. Yeah this movie. It knows what's up getting to real still under full isn't it and no dialer. We didn't need to add on. We had pasted suggests daily faces like that ending. Or maybe one garbo idiot produced those stills and got in the is have forgotten what a star looks like. I told i know that scene where they watch a movie. She has this beautiful in home movie theaters she never has sleepers house which is great. If you're in denial about the rest of the world but it really was in a twenty five room mansion actually um wilshire boulevard. not sunset boulevard. Amman i know and they had to make some major refurbishments to this house to make it fit for the movie so they added the swimming pool which is a pretty big expense but they also did a huge redecoration inside to make it look as green does it does in the movie. You cannot see this house today. It had been nicknamed the phantom house because it remained empty for many years. Even though it was owned by j paul getty who you might know as the namesake of the getty museum in l. a. but it was destroyed in nineteen fifty seven on purpose. It sounds like it much like xanadu. However you know what this made me think of as we watch this movie and i was reading about. This house grey gardens refusing to acknowledge what's going on in the world staying inside her house and just not paying attention to the rest of the world getting lost in the past time and living in this really ridiculous twenty five room mansion. Yeah yeah that looks on occupied yoon emotionally manipulating someone to stay in the house. Yes wow very similar. Yeah don't do it. don't do it. Gloria or.

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