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I'm David Westin we're back now with the Saudi finance minister he's Mister Mohammed al Jadaan we've been talking with about this remarkable move by the G. twenty earlier today try supports of the economies around the world Mr Mr let's come back and go to a little bit more specifics as I understand it important part of this was to suspend the payments on Saturday is this a restructuring do you anticipate a longer term restructuring of some of the debt of some of these countries of course of course David I think the idea is one of the restructuring may take time for bilateral agreements to be put in place we wanted to make sure that we didn't waste time D. twenty undersell dependency have committed to a swift and significant actions immediately so the suspension will give us time will give report countries to consider rescheduling that even at a Leafs from some of the tests throughout the next three to six months that we think would be needed to ensure that we close that chapter so we have a question from a viewer a Bloomberg view here they like to ask you I find it interesting that if you ask is is it possible this crisis might be an opportunity to consider further opening of the Saudi capital markets to foreign capital is that possibly on the table absolutely I mean so the capital markets have been do lack significantly over the last three years no we received fifty significant and what investment from international investors and yes absolutely we will do whatever it takes to ensure that easier access to international investors into the Saudi market and finally Mister minister I can't talk to the official that document well obviously it's been having a very tough time we had the put plus actual global agreement try to curtail production at this point do you anticipate more is going to need to be done to really get some floor under oil because that is affecting the global economy almost as much as the crown of ours at the moment I think it could be a significant agreement accepting deeds has outlined and not only through the LP canopic plus the demons but also participation from producing countries from outside they'll begin to close signifies that the war is the sponsor of faith we need to ensure that markets is balanced as we have been doing for decades the fact that the G. twenty energy ministers had him an extraordinary meeting a couple of days back who will be competitive uncertain and committed to ensuring that market stability is key tools face covered nineteen we would continue because of the language of action is needed to ensure that the market's balances but criticism but also that we interrupt our regular program here on Bloomberg radio David Westin with balance of power mayor Martin E. Marty Walsh of Boston is addressing that shitty situation regardless of the nineteen let's listen a one box and moment with the mall where the in the most vital point in the outbreak with cases surging towards a peak over the next two weeks showing the spread of the virus right now is critical to saving lives that takes every single one of us to act for the greater good every single day so this one Boston day we're asking people to stand together by standing by standing a prime I'm calling on anti abortion community to be there for each other first and foremost by physical distancing hand washing and wearing face coverings when on the public they give you a grandparent or your elderly neighbor think of a health care worker or first responder I think one Boston I believe that we will look back on this week one Boston day twenty twenty is a turning point when we made progress in slowing the spread flatten the curve in Saudi to turn the corner while also providing ways for people to connect and spread kindness in a meaningful way but a safe way at two forty nine PM the old south church which is close to the finish line during its bells in honor of those we lost in two thousand thirteen Martin Lindsay crystal Sean and Dennis I have proclaimed April fifteenth.

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