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Walgreen, CVS BED Bath and Rite Aid Knave Ege N A V A G E Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shelvin, spending the first weekend of his 22, a half year prison sentence behind bars for the murder of George Floyd. But with good behavior, experts say he'll serve a lot less time, two thirds of his sentence or about 15 years. There is no sentence that's going to bring George Floyd back and the enormity of this matter. It almost seems that There is no number that could really capture and reflect the magnitude of the case. Steve slighter, one of the prosecutors in the case. More calls in Canada for Pope Francis to apologize for unmarked graves found in a former Catholic run residential school, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined calls from the indigenous and other Canadians. For the head of the Catholic Church to apologize for its role in residential schools accused of contributing to an indigenous cultural genocide in Canada. This week, authorities revealed the discovery of more than 700 on mark Graves at a former school where Children were believed to be buried. That's a month after a similar discovery in British Columbia. The pope doesn't apologize because he believes you need to do this kind of thing face to face to encounter the other person, says Vatican expert Robert Mickens. Megan Williams ABC News Rome Political death. In the US Mike Gravel of former senator from Alaska who read the Pentagon papers into the congressional record and confronted Barack Obama about nuclear weapons has died. He was 91. This is ABC News..

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