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Stafford is a Hall of Famer or not. Since you're both officially over. Big arguments. They brought Amina kyme. She was saying no, it was going nuts. Kevin Clark is here from the ringer. He did an excellent job writing on the deadline from the Super Bowl. He's one of our hosts on the ringer NFL show. And I'm gonna start here Kevin. What is the dumbest storyline that's going to come out of this Super Bowl? That we can immediately debunk right now and try to throw some water on. I mean, the Stafford Hall of Fame thing is a little strange to me. We can't. I saw Nick right here this morning. It can't just be quarterbacks. And Aaron Donald, right? Is that the future we want for the Hall of Fame like a bunch of guys who put a big numbers. It's funny because I really like Matthew Stafford. It went I went to Detroit three two years ago and I said, I think I said Matt. I think you do the forgotten guy, because you think about the two generations above him, you know, obviously Eli, Philip Rivers, Ben, and then above that river. Right. And then above that is obviously Manning and Brady. And then below him, he was getting lapped by the mahomes of the world, eventually the Joe burrows of the world. And I said, you're in this weird window where you don't, you know, you don't have any peers really because the NFL didn't know what to do with the spread off of them. There's a million reasons for it, but there was kind of a dead zone of quarterbacks and you were in here putting up a ton of numbers. And so I thought his legacy had been underrated a bit, and then he wins a Super Bowl with essentially one good drive and now all of a sudden we're putting a gold jacket on him. I thought that was strange. The other narrative that I thought was a little bit strange. Can I chip on Stafford? Because I actually, as I was watching first take, I started wondering how many quarterbacks are in the Hall of Fame. Do you know the answer? I don't tell me. What's your guess? 'cause I was surprised. Just guess. Stop your head. 20. Interesting. So I would have said 48. I had no idea. It's only 27. Okay. And so I listed the guys basically by decades, even though guys overlap decades, right? But if you really lay it out, you look at it. It's basically 5 guys per decade. So you start in the 40s with autogram bob waterfield. The 50s are united van brocklin tittle bland Elaine. 60s are Namath tarkin star Dawson juergensen. 7 days are stop back stable, Bradshaw, Bradshaw greasy. 80s are Elway Marino Montana Faust Kelly. 90s are moon farm, young Aikman. Yeah. And then we get to the 2000s, which Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner and Tom Brady will be in Roethlisberger and breeze will be in. And then we get to the 2010s, roger Stafford Ryan rivers Eli, Wilson. So if you look at it, it's like four or 5 per decade, but in the 2010s we have 6. So that's been a huge problem. You get into huge problem, which is you can't do this for the quarterback position. There was a huge offensive boom in 2011 onward, right? This is the easiest era ever to play quarterback. Yes. And you can't draw the line and say, we're gonna let all these quarterbacks who have great numbers and one, one Super Bowl and not do that for receivers. There's a receiver who's coming in right now is setting records for rookies. I'm Justin Jefferson. Jamar chase, there's gonna be a huge boom of receivers who are Hall of Fame eligible too. And so what do you do? I wrote this 5 years ago. I remember calling voters, like, what are you doing with this? And you raised the bar. You raised the bar. You don't lower the bar and say, well, Matthew Stafford did this and he's better than Dan Marino, no, no, like it is so easy to play quarterback relative to any other errand football. Not just talking about the sort of health and safety rule changes. How about schemes? I'm not coaching. I'm talking about defensive rules, which have been getting, you know, I think people have been complaining about defensive rules since 1978, basically. But it's gotten easier and easier every single year. And so and longevity. Yes, yes, exactly. Joe Montana was on his day of the day, and he was just like, he was like, the goat debate, the greatest of all time debate is so different now because if Joe Montana were born in 1980, he would have played 7 more years. Right. You have the guys, if you look at the list like stomach played 11 years. Now he went to the navy. Otto Graham was 9. You know, Marino was 16 and it felt by the end it felt like he was a hundred years old. Steve Young was so tame. Watch late Dan Marino drives. No one has ever dealing. But he no one has ever looked older on a football field. But you think like when they were playing quarterbacks back then, it wasn't just the head hits. It was the constant guys diving at their leg. Legs, right? Merino. I saw a clip, Rodney Harrison, when he took out shrink green. Did you ever see that clip of the I forgotten about it? It was the last preseason game and he did the Bernard power dive into his legs, but it was actually worse than Bernard Paula, powered and just takes him out in like the second quarter of a meaningless preseason game. That was happening all the time. So these guys, it was inconceivable, which brings me to Stafford. Right now, 12 all time. He's almost has 50,000 passing yards. He figured with the longevity thing. He might play 6 more years. He could play until he's 40. And at that point, he'll be one of the 5 biggest passing yard guys. And he has a Super Bowl. I don't think he's a Hall of Famer now, but I just think there's no way he's not going to be in there. So the new, the new way to figure this out. The days of Warren Moon making it, I don't think it's over. I think you're going to have to have a Super Bowl.

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