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So like they did a bunch of these with every possible one and then they'll just pick the right one when the time comes so i'm interested to see what kind of stunts and funny stuff they come up with during this show tonight but other than that again i can watch it on. My tv are just fine. Thank you all right. I may glance at it. Then okay sold me on it so i. The biggest story is the player. The cracking didn't pick and that is keri price. We mentioned off the top and he surprised there for you. That carry price is not a member of the crack today. How do you think it came to be did seattle. Just say no not interested for the many variables financial health. Whatever just not interested or was there a prearrangement between markers van habits. Gm and ron francis the crack and gm will. There might be a reason to watch tonight. Maybe we'll find out. I have learned That apparently it was price who went to the ads with the idea. Did you know that. No i read that Last night i was reading something where it was price who came to the haves and said this be a good idea way to do things and actually he phoned Jake allen i and mentioned it to alan before he ran it by m. y. Blanking on his name. Julian breeze block merger back before before he ran it by berge. He ran it by jake allen. But emma surprise no i think it That's a lot of money it's just a term and it's now you got questionable injury status health status problems so i'm not surprised by but then having said that i still would. I still would have thought they would have taken them. I really thought they were gonna take them. As i know you did too right. Yeah i was. I mean i i just try and put myself in ron francis shoes and i think that carry price i to me i think based on what i just saw in these stanley cup playoffs. He's a still an Among the schools in the game. I think of the next olympics. I still get carry price playing for team canada and got a guy like that you can bring in and i think it makes sense for carry prices. Well for the reason. You just mentioned. He actually officially set went to the organization and said that this might be a good fit for me. You know his family his wife's family's from in that neck of the woods he's a b. c. guy and you know what at this stage in his career maybe you want to get into the pressure cooker and And maybe he's had enough of montreal. Because i mean it's a it's a hellish place to play when things aren't going well. This guy got boot. He got booed. Patrick got booed when things are going. Well they'll bail on you in montreal. Let's be honest. Things are going great like they just did your the toast of the town so maybe carry price who so even keel. Maybe he was thinking. Okay i could. I could take a break from this. I'd be okay with that. I really think that there was a pre existing arrangements. Just because i believe so strongly in how much better organization carey price would have made the seattle crack. And i think mark berge and ron francis got together and said this will happen. This has happened already. I don't know exactly what the handshake agreement was. But i think there was one. That's why the kraken didn't strike and And take their tentacles and pull that guy off of the haves deck yuccas because what they end up with As of as of speaking now is to really unproven starters..

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