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Meteorologist Ashton, Altieri is here from our partners at CBS four weather what's the. Weather look like through the weekend their ass and we are going to finally quiet things down you know we've had, severe weather somewhere in Colorado every day since the weekend so I think we deserve a day. Without storms and that's what we're going, to get for Denver boulder Fort Collins all of us here on, the front page eighty seven degrees this afternoon under mostly sunny skies I mean maybe a few clouds afternoon but nothing that's going to turn. Into thunderstorms over in the mountains southwest of park county. And then farther south maybe a storm there. Tonight sixty one looks like really nice night? For. Any Thursday evening plans you, may have tomorrow. Eighty eight under mostly sunny skies that's near normal for the middle of August can you believe it's the middle of August sorry and then for the weekend mostly sunny. Saturday Sunday near ninety ninety coming. Up Saturday. Afternoon ahead of. The Broncos game will be around. Eighty four degrees at kickoff and. Then right around ninety Sunday afternoon. As well nothing but. Sunshine for the weekend all. Right we like it it's been a little moist here He has been Totally different story though in California hot. Dry windy weather seventeen wildfires are burning across that state consuming a total of six hundred thousand acres destroying more than two thousand. Homes and structures as we reported a couple, of days ago the Mendocino complex fire has become the largest in state history scorching four hundred fifty square miles and just over. A dozen days let's get the latest, from KCBS. Reporter Holly Quan she spent the last several days covering that massive wildfire. In northern, California good morning. Holly good morning? What are we sure have a lot. Of them out Yeah Let's start with the one that you were covering their in northern. California the Mendocino complex fire are fire crews getting any more containment on that. Fire I heard it was something like thirty four percent two days. Ago, yeah they are actually making some, progress and they think that they have containment lines cut around about half of, that and they are confident that they are going to stay. Put the good thing is that the good news is that we had some evacuation orders that were lifted for a lot of. People so I'm a lot of got to go back to their. Homes they're still about fifteen hundred of them that are out and and the thing, is is that a lot of these, people I, mean the these evacuation, centers they're up in high schools and middle schools have to go back to school next. Week so a lot of people kind of scrambling trying to figure out what they're gonna do with the people that still don't have anywhere to go. On and this is just kind of like the inter interesting logistics that have become sort of normal out. Here Sounds extremely abnormal but for the last couple of years. With the net modifiers that we've been having it's kind of par for the course it will leave and by California standards it's been a hot dry. Windy bad kind of weather combination out there that's made these fires even worse and more intense right Holly And it's really smoky smoky in the bay area today it says I second day. In a row it's like it's like when it's the eclipse and gets to be sort of like really hazy stare into the sun directly they don't they don't do that but you could almost do that because you look out and it's really hazy, is, he kind of just it's like. Desk all the time and a couple of. Times when I drove up to your family for the Ferguson? Fire and I drove to reading where the car fire I left the bay, area and it was the last time I saw blue Stein like four or five, days gosh and these fires have turned deadly nine people have lost their lives, so far would you, call it, a normal fire season in your state. Or is this more severe than what you folks, have? Seen The, term we here lately is new. Normal and every time you think that it can't get worse it actually does and so the. Fact, of matter, is is that fire season doesn't really. Ramp up traditionally or, historically until September October so with the. Khan really, worried about what's going to happen in the next month or two because it's already. Been been, cooking and and already this kind. Of stuff we see usually two months from now do we know who started or how the fires got started whether it's. Mendocino the. Reading fire do we, know what the the initial ignition was different fires different sources one fire the car fire actually was a mechanical problem with with vehicle you. Know there was a fire I think they believe down to one in in the Los Angeles the one that's burning in the Cleveland national forest I think they found some but he actually started that one so I think that is all under investigation, in, amazes me how they can figure. That out given you know the the damage. And and the terrain that's that's been burnt how they can? Actually narrow that down but yeah I think that right now Now once they. Get a, hold on some of. These fires and turns to houses started and you know how how. Do they prevent something from happening again yeah not. Holy fire in southern California, they've arrested a fifty one year. Old he's being held in lieu of one million dollars bail Holly will run at that thanks. So, much for, the update we appreciate it happy to. Pay thanks Holly it's, five forty five as we get a. Little sports, news checking with Mike Reiss Just, couldn't couldn't get the series against the pirates but new day. New team move on over the Rockies continue some good moment but, they had from a couple of weeks back yeah no? Doubt got, to recapture its sports brought to, us by fix it twenty four seven plumbing and heating. Pirates, beat the Rockies for three and a matinee chorus field, Rockies simply having trouble. Getting the big hit? Had. Some opportunities but couldn't get it done one for eight with runners in scoring position hitting with runners and scorn position lately has not been there so I get where we want to be when you do that and it's going to be. A, collection of everything right the offense the pitching the defense bullpen starters rocky scored only, seven runs in the, three game series now a big set with? The, dodgers four games of course feel. Game one tonight Tyler Anderson versus Ross. Stripling Rockies ondeck starts our coverage at six on KOA Diamondbacks beat the Phillies six. Zip as nip the dodgers three. To Arizona on. Top of the. NFL, west. Half game, up, on l. a. Rockies three back our Broncos training camp up data Is brought to us, by PDC energy producing oil and natural gas responsibly and. Supporting, local communities Broncos practice again this morning opened the preseason, Saturday night against the. Vikings d. lineman Shelby? Harris. Looking forward to going against guys on a different team where you practice because.

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