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Think very much like Ramos. It might not be until July. Guys are thrilled the Buster Posey's back. Giants Curt Casali veteran backup looks solid. Looks like he's ready to contribute. Joey Barton will have opportunities to develop in the high miners and there should not be a rush. Get him back to the big leagues. The Giants may actually need Ramos in the big leagues sooner. Given their outfield depth. Given the question marks and potential holes in center field. The market. Luciano, as for him, gave Catholic acknowledging On Sunday that yes, Marco Luciano wanted to be in the big leagues by opening day. 2022 is fantastic. He wants every prospect to have that drive. Have that determination. But it's probably not that realistic. The kids 19. He's got a ton of development every time he stepped to the plate and Cactus League play. He was behind the counter one too. It was a time where the Giants had three hitters walk. Successive plate appearances for Luciano. Get back. Picture could not find the strike zone and immediately Oh, two whole. Luciano. That's what happens when you're 19. That's what happens when you're overmatched. The giant still have plenty of reason to be excited. By the 19 year old Dominican shortstop. It looks like he will be. A long term debt. For their future. When we come back, we'll talk more about the opening day. Giants roster my expectations off what the bullpen could look like when you'll see Evan Longoria, Brandon Belt on the field. All that and more. Terry Crowley filling in for Adam Coppola here on the leadoff spot. Take me up to the six a.m. hour with Murphy Mac. You're listening can be our 1456 80 ft. Sports leader. Baseball is back to who better to sit in for.

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