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And the history of this league so magic is trying to join a very elite club and i'm gonna point eight easy and i'm the biggest michael jordan performer fan that you'll ever find but as a gm he is simply the worst gs is street abascal ball you can get worse who's not getting very good union michael the great when he was at washington look at the draft ping used to fleeced all the time and how do i ate stay afloat and shaw just because he's the only team because he owns the team what did i look up the stat in my head right now but it's like three times in twelve years they've even made the playoffs in a least have to lead major clients really and they've never won a single playoff series taken over the how many playoff games you think you're gonna win you keep select new army browns or atom morts or deal with michael you can get you're not gonna make the playoffs and if you do make it you'll get fleeced your best players like five eleven five eleven keep trading dwight howard you then trying to salary dump dwight right why do they need they got what they took on mas goff i remember when the pistons traded richard hamilton for joey stackhouse and he thought he had fleas the pistons of course rip wand up their championship with that team and that was the deal that was another jordan stackhouse for rip hamilton back what's important here how many cases do you levin and how many chicken wing though he paid off you paid off so we're clear until one fifty i will have another part with do in wings let's get joey chestnut and go to town everybody everybody together now i won't limit pepper i won't all flat all five that's a dollar extra at per ten fifteen dollars extra between you let you work that out what i won't well he gets in time you can stick around this why not perfect grab stays put who deserves credit for the patriots dynasty hall wondering around shirt the patriots make the playoffs pretty much every year so it's no surprise odd shar gave them by far the best odds to make the playoffs this year lazy in the brady era the patriots have made the playoffs and fifteen of seventeen seasons one of those years brady got hurt on opening day and of course they've won five super bowls together once again joined by rob parker rob who deserves credit for the patriots dynasties and brady or belgians a great question because rob parker is on the hot seat he's backed into the deepest corner he's ever been backed into on the show because you got an issue with both of these is bella chuck cheating we know that well documented and tom brady forrest cheating and tom brady for being the low to lucky of all for but if you back me into a corner i'm gonna pick beleta i knew l a chang and skip this is the reason why we've seen this team when brady's been out right we saw matt castle with eleven games we saw perset and rob wa go up right continue to win even when brady was out and when i think about the super bowls and think about the patriots winning i think of two things i think of defense and i think of i do think defense and i think adam venit terry i really do in the kicking game not that tom didn't have anything to do with skip but they've won their super bowls by on average of three point eight points so it always comes down to some sort of stop or some sort of play atlanta right the super bowl i should say with the seahawks big interception in a big key spot you realize that nick foles put up forty one on bill belichick i got in this ball tom brady also had the big turnover you know when it mattered the most that's why they long for stare not an unforced it wasn't a stupid play it was a great when tom brady million and graham well walker with the pass and that's causing only bad throw he's thrown in eight super bowl appearances a record eight super to admit that that was him no i missed it okay all right so i have to take a look at everything and put it all together i'm going to say that of bella check had jimmy g as we move forward that i still would think that he would have shot to win the division and continue.

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