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They were dropping in these frozen references. which I I have a bit of fun but I think that jokes a little bell now? Yeah Well Pick Matt. I know that's I know that song of Bihar. You'd like rendition. I'm here well your your picture on our. ITN's suggests that you might be able to sing it. Yes if you haven't seen the gun of a look at the apple podcast APP. Uh when she updated to the new system which I did today because I wonder why people kept sending me pictures of my name on the on the APP with a completely completely different black who is about twenty five years younger than me singing in a what looks like in a band and looks really cool and has zero gray hair and I was. I mean I've been trying desperately to to to convince people that it is me But ought I've had to admit defeat so I'm needing to get it changed anyway. I wonder who he is. Hello David Laura. I wonder I wonder if on his podcast. Your face appears probably we've had we've had we've had a law swap. Yeah it's terrible mix up. I hope he's name. Is David Law. That would be great music. I know another one whose gopher and he's my favorite Gulf. Yeah so anyway that did you tonight. So what time to Great Britain play tomorrow. That's at eleven local time isn't it. That's that's at eleven yet The other is all Serbia Japan Novak Djokovic. She's debut and Argentina Germany you and then in the evening Cratia Spain. US Italy and Belgium. Australia I'm missing any other matches from today. The other results the Kazakhstan Holland which does put a little bit of pressure on GB. To make sure that they do beat Holland tomorrow you surprisingly Holland lost the doubles. Even though they've kind of got a really strong sat doubles players and Argentina beats chilly in in the first match on the main stadium. Way Wasn't wasn't full but aplenty of noise. because there's such passionate sets of fans and there's a lot of a lot of them living in Madrid. I think it's interesting how that works. Isn't it because yesterday there was a there was a tie which had a lot of people in but I didn't hear an awful lot of noise and and then this one I watched quite a bit of one of the match. She's in Chile against Argentina. And I thought crikey that sounds well. That sounds like Davis Cup and then it depend depend around and actually was. They were not that many people but they were making a right Al Din and you know that's what you want isn't it as and as you say. The small stadium would be more beneficial for for a match light that particular one. Yeah well Diego Schwartzman said it was one of the best matches he's ever played in his career which I can neither confirm nor deny having more tension was elsewhere when he was playing. But I but Nicholas Jerry lost virtually and I looked up his record. He has not won a match. Nicholas Jerry since July when he when he won the title in Bullsh- that is that how you say it that's right. He won the tie it. So he's not Wanna Mac. Since which is pretty alarming you know twenty eighteen gene Leiva Cop Nicholas January and he can't even win a match okay. Porthole Nicholas Not Thohari not to worry. Okay well the news. Everybody's all been waiting for is I've been looking up clutch from yesterday Yes and you know. It's absolutely vital that we we we try to work out. Whether it is actually a word that should be that is befitting fitting the the tennis podcast And I've been looking at So his a few definitions dictionary DOT COM uh-huh says clutch means to grip or hold tightly or firmly definition. That's not the one you had in mind. No trying to the dictionary right okay. I've got the Oxford English dictionary here. And this one says it's under the several we'll definitely proper ones. And then there's another one that says North American English referring to or performing as an important moment that will decide the result ultimate game or competition. That's the one I've also consulted the ebon dictionary. Obviously and it says to perform into pressure. Yes and we like this David. Well this one's got this one's got four thousand five hundred thumbs up in two thousand and nine thousand nine thumbs down so that's a win. It even one blow volt. I was GONNA say I've I've also oversee gun to the the authority. That is Paul Volts on twitter at tennis. podcast where last your opinions. And I think it's about seventy percent in favor. Yes at the moment at the moment I asked twitter and I think the I I said. Is it an acceptable term. I think the first response I got was yes and the second was no and I was thinking. Thanks twitter helpful as always you know I was calling joining some of the responses One or two people just saying yes. It is a word but up but I I hate hearing every time and somebody actually wrote. I listen to your pod podcast rich Britishness I do not want to hear that. Yes I stand by as a legitimate term but I can see that. It's maybe not a tennis podcast term. So I will. I will try to reign it. You know well no Ma you've got seventy percent of the listenership on your side at the moment. Sadly um so I think we have to let it go We would ask Katherine Wichita. But she's not here tonight She's been waylaid elsewhere however she has just been in touch so we know she's okay say And and it's important that the the that she is because tomorrow I need to tell her about something vern Jones's sent me. He said WHO needs Davis Cup. The cheese he's World Cup is in on in France. At the moment Oh my goodness Katherine Katherine secretly been doing yeah. I think so confusing. It's on twitter and somebody. I mean this is. This is the ultimate tennis podcast feature. Somebody is running a pole vault competition competition World Cup rating cheese against another cheek so rockfall be term Cam. Umberto sixty forty tonight all right. This sounds like the French equivalent of what Richard Osmond does on twitter with his world cups of crisps and sweets and films and things. That's a great idea. You give me another face right in. La well done Okay well look I would say I go to bed but Douglas hasn't his doubles. She goes on court yet US shortly it must've done by it. Has Why is earsplitting showing it. Your should still sharing Colombiere against Australia. Obama in the doubles What it is it is I can live score Sindbad of date? It is to all fifteen forty the Spaniards which is good and Lopez with two breakpoints. Okay Okay Right Oh so very interesting. Okay okay well that's GONNA be That's going to be some that. We update you on tomorrow along with their other match here on the tennis. podcast how you enjoyed it And Matt GonNa don't get beds that when you can And we'll see you again in about eight hours you'll be there again And this has been the tennis. PODCAST brought you in association with the Telegraph executive produced by tennis balls DOT COM with our mascot Rio with a y yet. We'll be back every day of the Davis Cup finals by records. And if you want to go to the Davis Cup by the way we still got fifteen percent off code if you go to Davis Cup finals dot com put in the code. T T P Davis Cup finals. Get Fifteen fifteen percents off your tickets if you go already got tickets. Have a great time and we'll be seeing you tomorrow bye..

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