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This is also a rule of law story because we've been doing the rule of law series as well. And this is one of those rare times when these two intersect on these exact days in history over two hundred years ago. Louis incor-, we're on the Pacific coast. And Lewis was examining how the Indians there approached this thing called law. There are laws like those of all uncivilized in. Consist of a set of customs which have grown out of their local situations that Meriwether Lewis writing dismissively about how the Indians they're encountering on the Pacific coast come up with their laws. Meet these people's. It's really good enlightenment question. What the glue that holds their culture together. How do they settle disputes? How do they compensate for breach of contract out of the if if someone kills somebody does he go to prison he killed as lex talionis is alive? Tooth for a tooth what what's their system? You're listening to our resin Lewis and Clark expert, clay jenkinson. These are really interesting and important questions sort of universal questions of how cultures organize themselves, and what they realized is that they do have a system that there are dog soldiers or especially leap patrol hunt and make sure that nobody Russia's offense scares the hurt away that there are people on a war skirmish shoe, prevent the rash. Young inexperienced warrior from firing his arrow or shooting too fast and wrecking the ambush there is punishment for some types of social behavior like adultery. There is a system, but it's not written down. It's custom and each drive has a slightly different custom code that comes from a long set of experiences. Going.

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