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Now, he seems like a smart guy who should know what the challenges are in making this device and getting it to work and yet he becomes a true believer. So the case of Channing Robertson, who's the person whom you. For is the enduring mystery of this story because he is a renowned scientists maybe not renowned anymore. Now, he's infamous in a way that I think you would prefer not to be. But, but how did she convince him that this mission was worth taking you know, she gave him stock. She was paying him. Good money. Those those things have a way of of of changing your beliefs. But I I also think that he got caught up in that sense of mission. But I don't really know. I mean to me he's the guy who should have known better. One of the one of the great lessons of the story is that you know, she idolized Steve Jobs, but another thing that she neglected to really investigate about jobs as life is jobs, flamed out spectacularly he got booted from his own company. He started next which was an unmitigated failure. And it was only then he learned that he needed to surround himself with. A very talented people who also be were willing to give him bad news that was terribly important. That was not something that was not a lesson. Elizabeth learn and Channing Robertson was a classic. Yes. Ma'am. Coming up more with Alex Gibney about his documentary. The inventor. Welcome back to the frame. I'm John horn. Now, let's get back to the documentary. The inventor from director, Alex Gibney, it's about Elizabeth homes and her blood testing company theranos Gibney also made going clear Scientology and the prison of belief, and I couldn't help but think of going clear when I watched the inventor and got a window into the us versus them mentality that became the company culture inside theranos, the them were competitors who also performed lab tests or anyone who doubted theranos in some ways it felt like a cult. It's the prison of belief is idea that you get locked in a prison. The the cell doors are open, but you never leave because you're so convinced in the mission, and I think that is is relevant here. You could see the company meetings. They were have they were like revival meetings. And it was always about measuring themselves. Not only to some great emotional goal. But measuring themselves against questioned lab corn fact one piece of footage that we were able to. Obtain shows them shows the CEO of the company sunny by Wani leading everybody in you cheer. And it's basically you to quest and Labcorp. Well, there are not many companies that lead their employees in. Cheers of you. And so that idea of the prison of belief was very powerful. And it's what cemented everybody together in a kind of cult like atmosphere in some people talked about that. I suspect you ask to talk to Elizabeth homes. She probably said, no. And yet there's an extraordinary amount of footage of her was that owing to her own narcissism. I mean, she shot herself. It feels like all the time. Right. So we did reach out to Elizabeth one of the producers on the film Jesse sat with her for about five hours early on and tried to persuade her to go on camera to no avail, and she kept promising. Maybe you know, she she she kept thinking that when the company turns around, then I will talk to you that never happened. We were in a difficult position in terms of making the film because early on we didn't have many images at all the company. I mean, we were locked out. But over time we were not only able to persuade. Need people to come and talk to us, and we can get into why they they were afraid initially. But we found a source inside the company who was able to give us hundreds of hours of footage of theranos filming themselves and it plays in the movie as if we had total access. It's very well shot. Yes. It is a great audience hired aero Morris. Well, that's an interesting question. Because Earl Morris was hired to direct commercials for theranos. And Earl Morris is a fantastic documentary..

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