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Financial crisis head one way that the fed stabilize markets and gave the economy a boost was by purchasing a massive amount of bonds both mortgage backed securities in us treasury bonds that kept interest rates lower for all kinds of loans including home mortgage is but now the fed owns around four trillion dollars of these assets the catch a cell all that back into the market without causing big problems but officials say the economy is strong enough that the fed will soon start to reduce these holdings the fed and anil let's say though that the process will be very gradual so that it doesn't create a shock for interest rates or the economy chris arnold npr news manufacturing fell in may the commerce department says factory orders dropped a tenth of a percent the second straight monthly decrease and that was more than economists were expecting activity is slowing as crude oil prices moderate an auto sales fall and factory makes up around twelve percent of the us economy alstreet into the day in mixed territory the dow was down one point at twenty one thousand four hundred seventy eight the nasdaq up forty points at sixty one fifty the sp five hundred gained three points to close at twenty four thirty two this is npr news from washington from kqed news i'm tara seiler cities across the bay area size surge in illegal fireworks displays last night despite law enforcement efforts to crackdown kqed's alex emslie reports calls about illegal fireworks were flowing into major city emergency dispatchers last night oakland dispatchers reported a backup of more than hundred fireworksrelated calls it eleven pm as of wednesday afternoon opd was still totalling fireworks calls in responses same was san jose police the alameda county sheriff's office fields one hundred and fifty calls according to sargent ray kelly deputy cited eight people it really like trying to stem the flow of band of the beach shoes no way we can act up with it in oakland city councilman says this year was the.

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