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Orleans. Fire houses after hurricane katrina and dennis funded it so that made me feel okay with working on that show and i was lucky enough to be the guy driving the fire truck so when i needed a job years later in stagehand world. My boss from rescue me john john. Tesla is wonderful. Human being got me a job and And i'm blessed avid. I still have it. Took a little downtime because a cold with leukemia. I don't wanna while push the envelope so to speak. So i've been laying low. But i'm thankful that i had that opportunity and recently Folks meyer light on idea. They wanted to do a project based on nine eleven. Some stories about good folks. That did some good things and i. I was a little worried. Because i said well. Look if it's gotta be for charity. 'cause i can't maximize destination no hundred percent charity. And then when i spoke to some of the folks and you know Alex alex was a key. Me onto what it was about and whatnot I said okay. i'm i'm in i'm in. I wanna do this. So what would basically doing. We're gonna tell twenty stories of twenty people that were associated with nine eleven. Sometimes that day some didn't some of died since that day from that day from illnesses and the the main theme of all of these folks the the interconnection of all they're great people from different cultural backgrounds Just just an array of different people with different personalities different heritage's but it shows the melting pot. We are. I mean we have Story about our chaplain for michael judge who died tending to us. As he was blessing everyone going in was killed in the process A dear friend of his was captain. Patrick brown who was command allowed three. Who died and ironically enough one of the gentlemen we interview. Who was an engineer Back hannah who was was pivotal in and rescuing dozens of people from the upper floors and and physically carried a man helped carry man seventy floors and encountered captain brown on the twenty first floor and captain brown him. You have to leave. He said no. I'm waiting for medical help for the gentleman mobile with him. Captain.

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