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Spill over into the locker room They're not taking anything for granted. Gotta take ownership players attire. Losing games around here. The fan base is tired. Was playing tire. Management davis and opportunity to give us better roster this year. allocate the funds to it. And we're coming out competing so it's one of these happen in every training camp for every team across the league at some point so it's fun to talk about and write about and judge expletive this expert of that but it's good to see them showing some fire and it sounds like maybe they rally around each other and it galvanizes them a little bit clements said. They went back into the locker room. Cracking jokes right after practice. So they took their champs man. Yeah there you go fell. More confident took their punishment. Did their laps in their push ups and they move on so very good jets camps scary scenes second-year offensive lineman cameron clarke had to be placed on a spine board. He was sent to the hospital but the prognosis was good. Spinal cord contusion. He is expected to make a full recovery. You got the carmelo. Anthony to the lakers deal one year as they continue to these veterans while you wanted them back with next yes i mean if you're carmelo and you've got to decide whether i have a better chance to win. Obviously it's lake sure and i would imagine. There's people on the lakers. Or on that jack pocket when i was gonna say geriatric point. Us women's basketball team beat australia to advance to the semifinals. It's their fifty third consecutive olympic. Win david robertson closed out a three one win over the dominican republic so the baseball team is into the semi finals. I believe they play tomorrow against the loser of the south korea japan game and another new jersey kids sydney mclaughlin along with the little muhammed. One two in the women's four hundred meter hurdles a new world record from mclaughlin and muhammad's time would have best at the old world record to they have a friendly friendly robbery. Those to the old iron sharpens iron and they were dominant in that event for the us. In tokyo i guess early this morning our time or last night. I don't know who the heck knows but golden silver cajal some great job by them in great job by uc geo coming alive for the bill ford tough studio. We've got a couple of calls on the oregon trail and pooping in the ocean. That we will get you caught up now. Has hundreds of new exclusive music stations for you to discover your new summer. Sound with worthy workouts. A cardio session fueled by today's top artists hanging with your crew. Throw it back with picnic party for old school jams for your cookout away with odyssey's new york rock station. Jugok of new exclusive stations to check out. Today for summer barbecues goal road trips or relaxing poolside. for every move every interest every passion by odyssey accounts. Can you host of the lockdown today. Podcast trying to stay on top of every big story in sports is a fulltime job. I know because it is my full time job but it's not yours. That's why we have a network of local experts ready to give you the inside scoop on everything you truly need to know in the sports world and we do it every day to make sure you're always caught up on the latest and greatest in sports. Listen to the lockdown today. Podcast every day on the odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts. In less than ten years colon and rectal cancers maybe the top cancer killer among twenty to forty nine year olds this is crap fight. Colorectalcancer believes advocacy will lead. The research and research will lead to a cure. They need your support during their community of relentless survivors and championed by signing up for climb for a cure. Your steps will be counted toward their collective goal taking one million steps and raising one million dollars for the cause find. Climb near you by visiting fight. Crc dot org slash climb. that's fight. Crc dot org slash climb keeps the morning show with boomer esiason in gregg giannotti boomer and geo o'brien and carmelo anthony joining together for the first time in the nba. With the los angeles lakers and really is amazing to think about them getting drafted one and three overall in the two thousand and three nba draft and their careers leading up to this point playing on the same team the same uniform. As you've got lebron james who went on to win four championships. He is been in multiple major motion. Pictures including the space jam remake. Carmelo anthony not really even sniffing championship. And he's got a policy on a podcast aussie so those are the two different situations even though i screwed up the punchline to different situations where the two of them as carmelo working for us now with his little. What's in your glass. Podcast and lebron. James is is starring space jam. Well i know. I know als- gonna listen to spikes podcast driving home. Maybe i will download the carmelo anthony. Podcast what is it called. What's in your glass. What's in your glass. Has he done any yet announcement. I mean they've been promoting it on the radio station. I heard it during one of the commercial breaks during sal show driving in all right then i maybe available. It is available. Yeah all right so for homework. That's what i will listen to all the way home. You can get Mark cuban is a guest on the latest episode right. I like mark cuban. What's unique glass all right now. Do we know what it's about talking about wine. They discuss wine basketball the olympics cryptocurrency and so much more. The mark cuban one. I would be into that. You said you're gonna listen a spike eskin. Podcast driving home the philadelphia. Seventy sasser analyst. No chance he's gotta music. Podcast pot interested in. I was going to say because at seventy sixers. One apparently actually is people. Pay attention to that the What is it ricky. Something or other. yeah. I don't understand the names of his podcasts. But the rights to ricky sanchez demis. It has to be a famous trade or infamous trade in the history of the seventy sixers. That included the rights to ricky sanchez. Kind of a cool name then actually. It's smart it's create and then as music one is called. Carl landry record club that means either. But maybe carl landry was a childhood friend and they did. The whole columbia house gets sixteen cds for a penny and. Maybe it's something like that. Like i could do a podcast called the al dukes record collection. That's true now it'd be kinda neat interesting so fliegelman tell me what's going on with. I can't do the talking to me. And i just want to hear. Just go on the air and ricky sanchez wikipedia pay in the second paragraph before they do the table contents and really split off. It says sanchez was then traded to the seventy sixers and later after that. They traded the rights to sanchez on march. Fifteen twenty twelve to a memphis for forward samyong. The move inspired the name of spike eskin sixers. Podcast the rights to ricky sanchez commonly referred to as the rookie. Yeah i think that's a very creative name. It is a very creative name so good now that we are you look up the runner bathing the new program director. We can move. I mean. I think you've taken your shots so i think it's been fair. You gotta even it out that type of thing. Yeah for sure we. I don't wanna be tongue bath guy with the new program where he did. Tell me did. Ask him that question. I said who's been kissing your ass the most that he was very very political with the answer because he knew it would go right on the air whenever he said would go right on the air. So i'm not gonna say what he said but the people you would expect to be the ask the ask us. So that's all you need to know. By the way. I googled coral landrieu. He played on the seventy sixers at one point. Oh yeah there you go. I don't understand his music election. Maybe i'll figure that out. Well it's probably like maybe him and spike had some sort of relationship basketball wise and they got to talk to music again very creative name. So you're going to be listening to that on the way home. Jerry's going to listen to carmelo anthony's podcast. What's in your ass. What's in your glimpse in your glass glass because that would be a very creative us. I can guarantee. There's a podcast. What's in your house. There's kinney i bet.

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