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So but the Middleton thing I think is a legit concern and he needs to be kind of like twenty five and night if for them with Janas, putting up mass massive numbers and Milwaukee continues from the bubble to have this this tendency and we saw before that but it was definitely something that was brought up more and more. People. Had A decent number three's against them in forty-eight and do anything vucevic terrific. Augustine just steady is not a superstar but was weird loss. We're lost that team the other Games mentioned Boston I thought they were the better team the whole time and got close they're a little bit at the end. But now Gano Gordon Hayward before we extent say that's a huge deal i. mean he's still probably their fourth best player but it's a big deal because he had these moments where somebody else's off. Then he could pick it up for you because he's that kind of score and paid them looked incredible in their first game against Philadelphia. Other Games, the clippers one was weird to be down that. Big to the mavs dodge another one of those insane games you're like, where is this guy ceiling but for pozingas to be thrown out? Especially, it being the back toback technicals where it was like he was thrown out for the conversation just it was a second technical. Steve Javale agreed with it. No breaking news on that one. That Javale thought it was I call. I don't know I would love. He came to push Morris who you knew was gonNA mess with. Donncha. Dodgers in having it with anybody and dodgers kind of twirled away at at Morris and then present his comes over and he pushes them and it's the second technical out of game but Paul. Georgia's great close and that was really kind of A. Difference even though which he had a play against Kawhi, he went at Coli in shouldered in the chest in Gut Kawhi off of his body like he bullied Kawhi Leonard on a drive and the end of this game, all their offense was don church going I can get a layup every single time against the team, even with these wing defenders and that's That's scary man that was like really scared be curious to see how much sooner he goes to that. But with no prisoners, he didn't really have much choice. The other Games Raptors Nets exactly what you'd expect and really Donovan Mitchell Fifty, seven points but a backcourt violation that's unacceptable and what I loved about that game for Denver Cech Murray moments okay. Where are we where he was unbelievable in overtime closing out that game like he was the guy and and Yokich was totally fine deferring them the whole time so that I think if Denver Nuggets, Fan, not to say the mammary hasn't had begins the past but that's just a great. Just a great start for him in this playoff series to get that going again. Because I still think the jazz can hang with the nuggets are probably going to pick 'em and comedy back up the birth of his son. So they got little day one in day to wrap up, and this will be released before the later. Games. On Day two before we get todd mcshay as the original light Beer Miller lite has always been there to bring people together through Miller time in a world where you can't always be with your people..

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