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To cook a chicken. Tell the thing you have the cooks of chicken dies and then you can go out and buy something else. So I've been careful to not load up the kitchen with gadgets because good How long does it usually take to do a rotisserie? But what cooking a chicken? Yeah. Uh, God, I got to remember. I do have this. By the way. I still have the original cookbook that came with it. The two hour and a half, two hours And I'm not not even now in the rotisserie. Perfect. So tomorrow night. You can go to the broken a chick. Go get a chicken. Yeah. Join the fantasy league. Set your chicken up by the time by the time it's done, your fancy drive should be over. This is fantastic. I was thinking what I could do. If I was hosting the show tomorrow night. I could bring the rotisserie of it in And a chicken and by the time the first hours over We? We'd have rotisserie chicken, and we could share with the listeners What it's doing, You know, that would have been fun. Well, not really. Not really of Rob Brooks. Is it once in Rob, this is only if I do that. If you can call and talk Jordan out of doing the show tomorrow night, we can talk about chicken otherwise. At the pre made one is a supermarket anyway. Can we get back? Wait, We got sidetracked. Fantasy football. You are in a league. I'm in multiple You are in a league of your own true, you unders. No crying in fantasy football either. What's alright? What? What's your drug? Okay, so you're in multiple leagues. What's your draw to being in like all these leagues? Why not just one and done Well, I mean, there's different, different formats, different types. There's all different kind of things. So you know, there's there's your basic year to year ones that you get a new team Every every year. You re draft. There's dynasties where you keep this all the entire team next. The next the following year and so on, And you just dropped the rookies, and there's the keeper leagues where you might just take one or two guys very in depth. This very in depth. When I did the fantasy football 20 years ago or so, everything's 20 years ago, my rotisserie oven my fantasy leagues. When I used to be in the fantasies. It wasn't that complex. It was like Done, Boom. Here you go. Now, People do it also win. Now people do this for work. You got the daily fantasy stuff where people make thousands and thousands of dollars. Some of the experts so called experts and all that kind of stuff, the podcast and everything used to be a time when you just sit down and watch the football game. Shut it off at the end and go have dinner. Well, who does that? Well enough now, you now you've watched the game. Watch your fantasy team dinner all at the same time. Check your stats. Text. Your friend was in the fantasy league with you and make fun of them because they're teams doing terrible talk a little snack. I get it. All right. So football season is just about to start officially, The Patriots start on Sunday against the Dolphins. Mac Jones. You got Mac Jones on your team. I do not. I stay away from rookie quarterbacks. Mm. Bad. I don't know. Maybe not. That's one quarterback league, though, right? Yeah. See, I would I got to agree with you if I if I were in a fantasy league I don't want to give you my tips in case I end up in one well already drafted, so go ahead. I I would. If it was a two quarterback league I would take like a, you know, a season two player, but I love that Mac is like my back up for a second or, you know, put him in now. Especially now. You know, he's the starter, right? He's gonna look, He's gonna make mistakes, obviously, but he's also going to throw. He's the guy throwing the ball. He should every touchdown the Patriots get via the air is probably going to come off his arm. I would think so much unless you get the occasional Jacoby Meyers. I suppose Julian Edelman is not there anymore to throw touchdown passes, but I'm just saying so, so he's going to get your points, but I guess not as much, but you don't think Patriots are going to rely on him as heavily. The Patriots have a great Russian attack this year. The running backs look like they're going to be awesome and like it's one of the best position groups on the entire team, so I think they're gonna vulture. A lot of points had Cam Newton last year who had 12 touchdowns from like Inside the five rushing. You got to think those are all going to go to the running backs, for the most part that they're going to take someone, and I just don't Think that they're gonna You really utilized Mac and ferret out like crazy this year, but he stole a rookie start. A lot of there's gonna be some. There's going to be some bumps in the road. Alright, Well, listen, if you're excited about football, starting or if you're in a fantasy league, or you have a question for our resident expert fantasy footballer Dan Watkins. You can call us at 617254 10 30. What the heck right down to like the last 12 minutes of the show. I'm not going to be on again until after football season starts for sure. So this is a great time. Yes, absolutely. Talk some smack. Sure. How do you come up with a name for a team? Usually you do something generic. You know, like you do you do your name like Dan's? Well, that's like the default and just go like Dan's doughnuts or something. Dan's dazzling team is what, like Yahoo! Our ESPN will come and they love the alliteration to start. But then then afterwards you might get a player and you might, you know, kind of Name it after the play, even after the player. So if you had, uh, like Cam Newton Which would you name it? Well, there was like back in the day when he always did the Superman celebration. If you have something, Superman based candlelight plan, you know, then there's like, like some people would do like events will fork one like will fork in the road. That kind of thing. Oh, I see what they did their little pond. Whoever alright? If you want to talk fantasy football or not, you can call up in bashed and anything you want doing the news tonight He was everything. 617254 10 30 Counting down the moments here. Ben Parker filling in for Dan Ray on Nightside Nightside. With Dan Ray WBZ Boston's news radio. For Over 35 years, Advil has helped millions of people stop paying in its tracks. Its newest.

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