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Third year at Missouri. Four twenty to go Mark Smith from right to the lane takes it all the way down the lane, flips it over his head on airball lose Paul picked up by Zach Reichel Reichel outlets to Ethan Thompson. Ethan up the floor hands it off to trace tinkle trays will go around Mark Smith down the lane and on the dump pass off falls down pretty hard. And they call the foul not an offensive foul. They call. It bodies falling everywhere, you never know. And Mark Smith. I think is the guilty party of Mark Smith now has four thousand so Smith Tillman with four each Torrance Watson will come in. Smith will have to come out and traced tinkle will go to the free throw line. That's seventeen thousand now on this Missouri squad. And it was on a pass off. So it should be a one and one for trace tinkle. Four old four remaining to be played here in regulation with the fevers down sixty one to fifty out of a timeout when it was forty eight forty four. Missouri. They went on a run in the papers did not free throw the front end of the one and one good for trace tinkle. Trace. Three for six from the line tonight. And he'll get another opportunity on the way. This was perfect. All right. Sixty one fifty two nine point game. Peterson a full court press. Tako will pressure the ball on the baseline, and they'll trap once it gets in Geist splits. The double team all the way up the floor has a three on two guys takes it all the way on his own and stores. Jordan Geist a one on one move over Zach Reichel, and he scored sixty three fifty two to lead is back up to eleven for the Tigers. Here's tracy. Kalorama picks has it knocked loose by a steel for purrier the big guy per year, then takes it into front court and waits to give it to a guard gets a guy. Missouri fans are up sharing this one with three and a half minutes to go guys back to Xavier Pinson, sixty three fifty two Tigers over Oregon state right now. Beavers are three and L coming into this ball game. Here's torrents Watson shot clock down to eight down to seven Jordan guys works against sack Reichel stops left to the lane following jumper on the way. No good. Alfred Hollins gets another rebound holidays to Ethan Thompson up to four looking there's the trailer. Alfred over to trace trace goes against per year up and under his shot is into the beach zone by per year. And we have a timeout three..

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