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Join us on the goodyear hotline shake. Cornet bart scott filling in for the guys. You look confused. Because if i'm correct extra playoff spot available this year to last year there was two wildcards also actual. There's an extra game in the regular season but last year they added extra game. So we're used to the extra playoff game this year. Let me the refresh. that got you to. I'm here for okay. So here's the question. Because we got the hall of fame game on thursday. Right like nfl. Preseason is underway. We're about a month out now from the regular season kicking off and so what team that missed. The playoffs last year is going to make this year or perhaps which teams got the most pressure to make this after missing the playoffs last year. Bart You in the front row can give you one. I think you can deathly pencil in the san francisco forty nine. I thought for sure you going to go cowboys. Believe him cowboys. I mean because you've got you've got the washington football team and i'm telling you giants got something going on with danny dunce aka julia whopper heads. I'm leaving i mean. Have you not been beating the cowboys drum for the last two weeks about how good the defense is going to be able. They have one of the best. Okay now you're changing your tune now that the third best team in the nfc east. And i'm just saying washington is going to be much improved with magic and magic shows and not this tragic that team's going to be electric because this guy is like evolution. You know what i mean. I don't know if you've ever seen how big is head is how smart he is but he can hit with a book He can listen. It's magic and get on fire and their defense may arguably the best defensive line that we've seen since the i believe the pat swilling you'll type of Saints they had ten guys all had over ten sacks or more you know what we have forty six more underneath four players. You know that hasn't been done since that that team okay. So you're not taking the cowboys instead. You're gonna take the forty niners by the way if you wanna weigh in at home. Give us a call. Eight eight eight say. Espn eight seven to nine. three seven. Seven six which team that made the playoffs. Last season is not gonna make this year or which team that missed is going to make it this year. And you say the forty niners and so why. The forty niners will be back in the playoffs. This year they also have a very competitive division seventy nine last year with almost more injuries than anybody to key players. Right deforms injured. Nick both was injured. Their quarterback was in injured and yet they still figured out a way to rattle off. Now seven wins. I believe so you think about that in the defense. And you know all the upgrades. They've been able to do on their offense side of the ball. They didn't really need to go get a quarterback but you know it was a luxury pick and i think eventually like me near the end of the year. They're gonna add maybe add. I forget his name again to mess up again. Who who who. You transported lancia trailer trigger. I call him. I got you okay. They didn't necessarily need a quarterback but they obviously needed to add some depth that position. Because jimi jesus i mean he can't the words i don't know who unbreakable who's him or or carson wentz. That's a really good point okay. So but jimmy g. when he's healthy they win. I mean let's call. What is jimmy g. Feels good the forty niners can go out and win some ball games but in terms of them taking trae lance they obviously went out and got trae lance. This isn't just like fall in our lap. They moved up to go get him because they needed some insurance at the quarterback position nonetheless. I will wholeheartedly agree with you. And the fact that. I think the forty niners are going to make the playoffs this year. My second one to a easily the patriots like the like no question about it. And i think there's so much pressure that we're not talking about for the patriots in terms of them having to make the playoffs because last year look. Let's just be completely frank. Tom brady went out and won the whole damn thing. Okay and what's bill belichick. Doing he was sitting at home during the playoffs. And what did do he totally changed. His way of thinking went out and sign every free agent they could find yep and then what are they have they have guys coming back from the covert reserve. That was that opted out last year. So they have those guys coming back as well as often salon and football bet. Best offensive line in football also last year. Let me just like lay this out for everyone. Okay and stay with me or they were two and one before cam missed week four with covert. Remember this right okay. Even though they only missed one game with an injury new england then lost their next four after that things did not go well for cam newton after he was copay. Okay that loss to by the way that too and one that one loss for cam before he got cova a five point loss in seattle to remember how this went down cam was stuffed on the final play of the game at the one yard line. I mean it could have easily swung the other direction and so the patriots fan base of course went nuts as as all of us. Because we couldn't believe this was happening to bill. Bella check but nonetheless new england than three no with winds would have been miami seattle in vegas. Okay seattle and vegas. I'm i'm sorry miami and seattle. Both one ten plus games last year. My point being this could have easily gone the other way for cam. Newton had he not lost that one game against seattle. And i know we're splitting. We'd all be high. But i'm just saying there are things to look at here in terms of the patriot and this is the only like tom brady. Effect on the salary. Cap is gone so what they did is they went on and they got the best weapons they had. So this is a deep team. Dave there basically essentially operating on having a rookie quarterback because candle making three point five million dollars and then you know that the rookies are slotted and he wasn't a top ten pick maximum. You think about the type of money that they're spending on on cam and they spending on mac and cheese that that allow them to go get jude on hunter henry because they essentially plan with a rookie quarterback even know camps rookie. He's getting paid like less than a rookie at three point. Five million dollars so now you look at the death of quality receivers. You'd think about too tight is and henry and john smith. You'd think about being able to make the trade back for baby huey you know who was arguably one of the best lineman game you know. They went out and got brown. Troy brown Tony brown troy brown from Back from from. Oakland oakland from From vegas from vegas bring him back to pair here to bring him back with is l. when you already know that guy mason andrews came back from the blood clocks so now they have one best offensive lines to great offense tight tight ends and a strong solid run game and then going out to get judaism pare back hightower. Everybody coming back after out. Of course they're going to be there. So i'm i'm definitely which with the patriots..

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