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Talk. Visit sandy spring bank dot com slash real. Mortgage home equity and other credit products offered by sandy spring bank. Welcome back to the Larry elder show. This is about the derma investigation. Does the president have any concerns about candidate for president computer experts to infiltrate computer systems of competing candidates or even the president elect to the goal of creating a narrative? Is that something that something I can't speak to from this podium? So I refer you to the Department of Justice. Monitoring Internet traffic, is that spying? Again, I can't speak to that report. I refer you to Department of Justice. I refer you to the Department of Justice. And I can't speak for that from here. Okay. I think ISIS is kind of a big term. Triple 8 9 7 one triple 8 9 7 one 7 two four three I am Larry elder. We are really affected dot com studio as mentioned. Neither ABC. Nor NBC. CBS. CNN. He haw donated a single moment. A single moment to the bombshell revelation. The John Durham has filed. Alleging that a tech executive enlisted the help of various corporate, and university researchers to assemble a sort of digital dossier sense of Wall Street Journal. The tech executive and associates exploited a domain name system, DNS, Internet traffic retaining to Trump Tower, Trump's Central Park apartment building, and the executive officer of the office of the president of the United States once he became president. Here's what The Wall Street Journal says and I'm quoting. As if it wasn't bad enough that an executive at a technology company was allegedly abusing the company's relationship with The White House to run a hostile data collection program, the data were then allegedly misrepresented to suggest a routine occurrence, was evident of some nefarious Trump plot. The special counsel fouling described another meeting between mister sussman, an official of a federal agency in which a lawyer allegedly described the data from the Trump offices. And according to the filing, the defendant provided data which he claimed reflected purportedly suspicious, DNS, hookups, by these entities. The DNS, the defendant further claimed that these lookups demonstrated that Trump and or his associates were using Russia made wireless phones and other locations. The special office has identified no support for these allegations. Here's how The Wall Street Journal piece ends and I'm quoting. To sum up the special counsel's argument in this case, an appalling abuse of private and public resources to gather dirt on Donald Trump did not turn up any dirt. So the alleged perpetrators just pretended they had found something significant and tried to persuade federal agencies that mister Trump had disturbing connections to Russia. Mister sussman maintained that he is not guilty, and deserves the presumption of innocence just like everybody else. As for the political campaign that was paying the bills, was there anything that Hillary would not do to her 2016 opponent. Again, this is Trump.

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