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Will be Bill Schmidt. Great feasible. And Dick Monfort. Another thing that stood out to me today. If he is the guy in the organization. And I don't mean this as a slight necessarily to him, But it's gonna come off that way. If he's the best they can do internally. Then I am even more steadfast in my position that the right guy for this job permanently. Is not employed by the Colorado Rockies. He just feels like And if it is him If it is him, then His suspicions and worst fears are going to be realized because people already said when Greg feasible was promoted that great feasible is just an extension of Dick Monfort. He's yes, man. He does whatever Dick Mumford asked bills from it kind of came off that way, too. A little bit. So if Bill Schmidt gets the interim tag lifted off of him. At the end of the season. Then it will be completely Dick Monfort. There will be nobody else. No descending voices, no peers. Nothing like that will be. I'm making all the decisions. Will tell Greg what to do on the business side. I will tell Bill what to do on the baseball side and it will be all me which is not the direction that we thought the Rocky should go. They should not double down on Dick Monfort. They should Should be the other way, where he takes less of an active role. But only time's going to tell that I wouldn't say today was my first impression of Bill Schmidt because I've been on plenty of those draft zoom calls where he's met with the media about draft picks. Over the last.

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