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Bottom line if you're heading out extra time stopping distance and extra caution on any elevated surface which would freeze first the bridge is the rants the overpasses That being said our friend Jay was south 95 in Virginia south of the Springfield interchanged past the back lick road overpass stay left He says a van and a truck the van may be sideways the leaf blocking two right lanes and then emergency responses on the way we heard that dispatch so you're coming at that almost at speed hopefully not quite with the weather conditions but south 95 passing back like exit one 6 7 stay to the left and watch your mirrors emergency response heading to scene We're seeing some flashing lights off in the distance they may be landing as we speak That's the only thing on 95 Easy past express go northbound on a Sunday morning You're riding well continuing south into Stafford nothing else was reported ahead 66 was doing better from front royal to Rosalind no major incidents We had a heavier band of snow crossing 95 and toward the eastern shore Maryland side and again we're not going to chase the snow for you We'll just tell you have that extra time And we'll let Mike chase all the snow 95 in Maryland We did see the treatment crew Now they're running in southbound direction passing through Laurel There will be treatment trucks throughout the region They're going to try to keep things moving So be prepared let them do the work give them plenty of room and move out of their way The crash on the beltway the one outer league before George avenue They moved everything to the right shoulder but whenever you see flashing lights be sure to scoot over and Tacoma park New Hampshire avenue south after four ten that's a crash And on the ramp 97 and severn southbound rampant route three new cut exit 12 the bottom of the ramp splits half of it is blocked by an accident follow police direction If you see something that you need to report to us call the traffic center 24/7 it's 8 6 6 three zero four TOP Married WTP traffic Mike Jennifer where are you chasing the snow this morning Pretty much along the I 95 corridors Mary mentioned we've got light to moderate snow falling from Baltimore southward through the district and all the way down to around the Dale City area.

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