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Hoenig author of the forthcoming book hatchet man. I can't wait to to discuss that in a moment because we're going to get to something that relates to that. But i wanted to really briefly. Ask you about this new insurrection commission and go over a key concern that i have republicans. Get to a point. Five people dem's get to a point five but the legislation doesn't tell us what happens in the event of a tie vote on motions to subpoena people. And i'm pretty sure. Republicans are going to block everything without a stipulation that a tie vote results actually advancing emotion instead of killing it. What are your thoughts on. The effectiveness of this seems like a watered-down commission. Yeah look it's not going to be the nine eleven commission right because that was true. Bipartisan effort which had extensive powers and everybody was on board and everybody was pulling in the same direction towards. We need a real You know need a real audit here of what happens. We need a meaningful review. Then the january six attack has of course become politicized because and we've seen just in the last couple days. Certain republicans not all but certain republicans are clinging to this myth. That it would you know. There's that clip of the representative saying oh it was just a normal tourist viewing were within the rope lines right because it because january is inextricably tied to the big wide right and and we've seen just this past couple of weeks the power enduring power of that big y or at least people pretending to believe in that big y out of fealty that donald trump so i look at this january six commission. I i was going to say something and nothing. But i guess maybe not if they're really if their hands are really tied then maybe not but i mean the interesting thing will be. Let's take kevin mccarthy right. Kevin mccarthy is obviously a key witness here because he had key communications with donald trump. He points during that day and after and what happens on. I'm just sort of echoing your point year. What happens if they want to talk to him. And he refuses or declines or claims them bogus presidential privilege or whatever and you're going to have a split committee. I mean i think the best that the also democrats on the committee because all soon it'll be if it's splint by party can do is drop footnote saying we wanted to speak with mccarthy he clammed up and the and the five republican members refused to join us. Now hopefully the it'll be really interesting to see who both parties put on this committee because especially looking at the republican side. I mean if they come up with anything other than five you know. True believers five more in bogaerts Then we could still have hope. I mean if if one of the people on the committee forget about adam kensinger obviously but not put a guy like him so clear eyed on this committee but i mean even just an average republican who doesn't feel the need to lie his teeth for trump. I mean you know name your pick. But if one event makes out to the committee that can really change the calculation here. So that'll be key. Who gets put on this committee on. I'm kind of hoping since. Mcconnell has a hand in deciding that maybe we'll see somebody like a romney or a murkowski or or something to that effect. Who knows what we'll see what happens yeah Of course the department of justice is investigating can always investigate the insurrection and speaking of the department of justice and your new book coming out called hatchet man. How bill barr broke the prosecutors code and corrupted the justice department. I wanted to ask you about this. Bill barr elsie memo response It's been delayed by a week. Was supposed come out today. monday Or a you know. A mirror garland was supposed to either appeal. Judge jackson's decision or hand over the memo or parts of the memo to the citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington would probably make it public that he asked for a continuance. He was granted. So now it's going to be on the twenty fourth. Why do you think garland needs another week on this. I have no idea. And i'm kind of disappointed. I mean i have to assume. He's just studying galaxies behind it. A little more but to me i mean. What's remarkable is. My book went to the printer. Two weeks ago. Right meaning. And i found that out because i was i've been frantically emailing my editors going. Oh my god. There's a brand new scandal or this candle. Can i add this page and it go. It's gotta be for the paperback now. I mean the fact that we are four months foreign change months removed from bill leading office. And we're still learning about new scandals and scandals that go even deeper. I think speaks so loudly to just how corrupt he was and just how much damage he did. I mean this story is is a perfect example. We already knew. Bill barr completely be no obstruction finding on the mullahs report right. We've now had muller himself said it. Multiple federal judges of now said he obfuscated by the book. I just say bill parcell liar. Like i don't lightly call someone a liar. The guy who read this book your eyes will pop out how many times he lied in. Not just the belder report. It's wild but so. Bill barr lies to us. Always there's no obstruction no obstruction and remember. Ag remember the timeline here. He got the bulloch report. Four hundred forty eight pages. Thousands of names places dates hundreds of footnotes at single space. And you know. Do you remember how long it took him to to say. I've review stuff no obstruction. It took him a weekend. He got it on friday night. He issued his finding on sunday. I mean what a bunch of sorry i was gonna start swearing but what a bunch of crap that is and and by the way. Nobody should have been shocked nobody. I don't was shocked because bill barr. Pulled us exactly what he's gonna do because he wrote his audition before he even got the job which he'd been lied about during his congressional hearing but he told us he was going to do this and he did it. And now this new memo so crew. Which is this. Transparency group in dc said. We want to see this because and doj in order to resist that tried to suggest. Tell the judge. Amy berman jacket very smart. Judge judge predispo- memo meaning. We don't have to turn it over because it's a legal memo. That bill barr carefully studied and considered. Now if that's true you go okay. I mean it's still be as there's no way. He made a true decision in forty eight hours but maybe he went through the motions and looked at some legal research and the judge though said again. Bs that's not with that. Memo was it was not true decisional which means they're essentially trying to backdate it to make it look like bill barr actually had a process when as we all have known from day one in the bag for donald trump from the start. Start getting all riled up doing my audio book. This week. So i have to..

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