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It was like a Bob in football over the top. And he skated by the defense. Got that puck and lifted it over the glove of the lightning answer the opposing goal the next shift and make a two to one what a pass from Cologne. What a pass MacLaurin would response from Tampa Bay as we said before fifteen seconds before that goal. Kyle okposo was able to make it to nothing. Buffalo off the rush sneaky good shot, and they he gave buffalo two-goal lead. But then the past cooler made I mean, it was just a thing of beauty. You know, sometimes those don't connects where the fence glove the puck down. It was just a perfectly placed puck above the defenseman. And then give credit to Sara Lee. He went top shelf in absolutely bear. They always want to tell you in the in the league goal score. You gotta go apply especially with goaltenders today for the most part so good down low. The only way you can. Beat these guys because they're so athletic is to beat them high, and Sarah if you watch the replay, he just buried it. There's nothing hunting could have done and we highlighted the third line a little bit in the pre game. We talked Alex scorn David in our pre game report, and that line is bit together for the most part all year long Joseph, Sara, Lee Kuan and caloric of the veteran of that that lied working with two rookies and Florence going to give you those sixteen eighteen goals year, a solid defensive play. And that's how I made a play for his team and that depth scoring really showing up for Tampa Bay right there. So that was good to see for the lightning trailing two one. At the end of two what I'll let you know about the road ahead. It's presented by crown on a motive the better way to buy. We don't Tampa Bay is just beginning their four game road trip. They go to Pittsburgh next Thursday night. That's a seven o'clock start, which means pre-game will be at six thirty. Pittsburgh's interesting team because they have gotten off to a slow start this year Sidney Crosby of getting Malkin and Chris Tang or playing really really well, but they're not gay. Getting the death scoring. They typically have over the last couple of years and their goaltending has been a little bit of a question, Mark. Matt Murray has been bench for the third game in a row tonight against the devils. Casey to Smith has been a guy who's been playing pretty well. Of course, we know the story about Pittsburgh a couple years ago when they had to make the decision to let go of Marc Andre Fleury going to Vegas, and they chose to go with a younger guy who had won a couple of cups in Matt Murray. But so far he is struggling to find his game. The Pittsburgh typically dangerous against Tampa Bay in their home building. We'll see how that plays out. But the penguins certainly aren't clicking on all cylinders for sure. All right when we return we'll take a look at those second intermission scores. Then we'll get you set for the third period with Kalian Dave right here on leading radio. Nothing.

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