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Com Minnesota news network com JW **** the government of Israel is barred Minnesota congresswoman L. hano mom from visiting that nation saying it's in keeping with its policy to deny entry to those who advocate boycotts of Israel president trump tweeted earlier it would show great weakness if Israel allowed Omar in a Michigan congresswoman to visit because quote they hate Israel and all Jewish people Omar's offices not immediately commenting nor is senator and presidential hopeful Amy Colbert shark but some of our rivals are fully on Castro tweeted quote the Israeli government just bar to elected members of the U. S. Congress from an official trip just to appease president trump's fragile ego but Republican Party Minnesota chair Jennifer Carnahan says congresswoman L. handlebar continues to be so irresponsible and uninformed and put out the negative rhetoric that she does is very alarming and for Israel to end up her the right thing bill Werner at the capitol medicine is an employment rate edged up one tenth of a percent last month the three point four state job analysts do you find that don't follow four months of gains during which we added seven thousand jobs so the of the decline is not too disconcerting at this point unless it persists last month Minnesota employers cut thirteen hundred jobs not too late to save a little money on state fair aid mission spokeswoman Danielle Dillinger publications and the metro and then many locations in greater Minnesota in Hudson Wisconsin zeros August twenty second through September second this is a man Hey what's up its rally from the Kane show and I just took a little visit to the brand new were modeled Rockville dealership persons kia and they have hundreds.

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