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So I had to go up there again and get it fixed. So so anyway. Pack is going to del Rio. Texas if you look at at Paul shoulders. It looks like the Texas chainsaw massacre. Like an episode of that. You know, here's the thing. We'll talk about this kid. I'm telling you this guy like he is as tough as they come shoulders continually would go out and remember Joe Doyle, and when your shoulder went out, and we went to the hospital. And I I mean, it's shoulder was out, and they couldn't get it back in because they had put him he had had surgery on it. And it was so tight they couldn't get back in and they're trying to put it in. And this is one tough Hombre, and he is screaming and tears are coming out of his is like I I almost passed out. It was so hard to watch and they had to knock him out. So they could relax and get the get the shoulder back in. But here's the deal like as we found out, they fix his shoulder. He had like he had like a genetic disorder in his shoulders in the shoulder. When when when a dislocation it didn't just come out of the joint. It got pushed out through the back of his back and they had to go in. And there was a surgery that they had done to somebody else was also a hockey player. It was a baseball player Olympian. Yeah. That had the same thing. And they had it takes that gets a bone graft the bone onto the back where the thing would pop through which would stop the shoulder from blowing out through the back side of his back. So they fix it. He comes back and starts playing next last year. Plays plays the way he plays. And all of a sudden, boom, he goes down. He comes through. And you can see it's not a good deal comes out. I go to Marcia go if it was that same shoulder. I'm going that. He's done plan. You can only do so many surgeries on his shoulder. And he's and he's crying because he's not he thinks his career is over in any way. Mar I go I go is it is it the shoulder. He goes, no, it's the other one. And anyway, so he has this genetic thing, and they went in, and they did this the exact what the veil did the same surgery and fixed it put put that bone in the back, and and again, another extensive surgery and. You know, the thing that's amazing to me is is like is how fearlessly I like, I don't know how tough you gotta be they go through what he went through save with Johnny co. I mean, like I on the bench of you dislike the pain when you see a tough guy on the bench, squealing, and tears are coming out of there is a legitimate pain. It all and you know, but for Paul to come back from both soldier shoulder surgeries full deal to correct a genetic problem and Baltimore surgeries and to play the way he plays. When you're watching number twenty one out there like he's he doesn't have a ton of points. But I'll tell you what he he finishes checks. He takes hits to make plays. Like, he ain't afraid to go anywhere. He blocked shots at practice. This is this is one tough tough young, man. And like, I'm just so happy that that they that we found a surgeon that that knew what to do to be able to correct that. So you could continue to play because. You know, some guys all hockey players at some point. They all ask if you ask if they love the game. They'll say, yeah. I love the game. And I go well, you'll find out when you if you love the game because the more you play in the higher up you go the more it hurts to play. And when when you go through having I don't wanna say catastrophic, but you know, when you have borderline catastrophic injuries like that like like pack had and like Paul had. And these guys decide that they still wanna play. Now that tells you how much that tells you how much they love the game when you were out. Yeah. Yeah. When you were out with the injuries. How frustrating was that HAMAs? Did you miss not playing? Yeah. Obviously, it was tough. I just try to be a good teammate. Kenneth sport the guys in the locker room. And I was fortunate enough like coaching staff believed in me on a percent through it all and like I'd say probably ninety.

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