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Nick foles down there. Now giants Cowboys Texans at saints. You're not including bills jets. Of it, by the way, the bills open up at the jets and the giants and with the giants opening up in Dallas week one through two weeks. The bills will played more games in MetLife than the giants. Through two weeks with Cleveland coming to the jets in week two. Oh, del Beckham will have played as many games in MetLife through two weeks. Then Eli manning. This is the thing about the schedule. I love it. And now that the schedules released we turn to page we can turn a page to the draft one week from tonight, so exciting. It's Carla Murray time well tonight's Josh Rosen. Where's he going? Joshua isn't good stuff. One week from tonight. We've got Nansen our number three. Mike Colter is coming to the studio last time we chatted with him. He was here to promote Luke cage, and as we turn the page to the NFL draft. Look who's sitting on the rich Eisen show green room couch over there that is one tough at large drain. That is Sean Gary from the university of Michigan, by way of I actually from New Jersey by way of the university of Michigan getting set to try and sack quarterbacks and stop the run game on the way to the past or one of the top defensive lineman in this year's draft for Sean Gerry is here on the rich Eisen show. Good to see you, sir. And we will have a great chat with Sean and you as well at eight four four zero four rich number to dial here on this fund. Schedule has been released week before the NFL draft edition of the rich Eisen show. Okay. This is a thirty second commercial. And I'm gonna throw a lot of numbers at you. But please.

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