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Access to humanitarian protections. The 1118 traffic and weather on the 8s back over to rich hunter in the traffic center. All right, it's still cleaning up the crash on the outer loop of the bellway issue approach I actually pass I 95 headed toward New Hampshire avenue about halfway between the two at last check, traffic was squeezing by to the far left past the crash, still a heavy response on scene as a result. And again, it heads up for delays coming around the adult from the 95 interchange in office southbound 95 delays beginning after two 12 getting down to the outer loop, a lot of folks are bailing going on to the inner loop. So just be aware of Virginia beltway remains jammed, headed north of and in Dale into falls church, the work zone inner loop begins just before route 50 Arlington boulevard and extends through the 66 interchange, single file left gets by, keep in mind the exits too. Eastbound and westbound 66 exits 49 a and B are blocked as part of that works on your diverted up to route 7 and work your way back, and no access to the interlude express things they are closed between their entrance and Springfield and I 66 as a result of that same work zone. Now on 66 itself, westbound as you approach and pass through 28 in Centreville single left line gets you by eastbound as you approach a 29 incentive, should be getting by two lanes left past the work zone, then eastbound approaching the capitol beltway, single left lane gets you by ramp to the outer loop is open the ramp to the inner loop power verse closed. It's also works on eastbound on the dulles connector road between one 23 and the 66 interchange in false church down to a single lane believe that is milling and paving again tonight. If you're traveling on two ten south and oxen hill, headed south of the beltway toward Kirby hall road, squeezing by the paving project, one single lane to the left, rich hunter, WTF traffic. Now the forecast from storm team four meteorologist Mike stina. The risk for severe weather has come to an end across the region, but we still have a front that stalled across the southern suburbs

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