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New balls oh yeah. Oh yeah definitely clean up. I cleaned up with absolutely come on in the day. Shit your hoop at all. You guys ever who. I've never heard it you've narrowed. Yeah it's ridiculous. i would pay ten grand little bit. You pay ten. Watch me now. Pay ten grand have laser removal from my fucking my belly. Button no cost you less than that. Okay quite yeah. Maybe we get a sponsor we should do. You need to go like seventeen. I did my hoop wax for on on camera for the curve. Not what a laser to your never dealing with it again like the girls do just do that. Just do the landing strip their the little. Paul rob your horn a little little all. The french guys got that little flavor. Cheap little hair in the shape of a joint right. I'm does look like a joint mytalk on fucking good is sick. Ship boys my favorite part of this new season i think is the divisions man. I mean. obviously this isn't something they're going to do. every year. they had of the kind of work on the fly here. We got north west central and east. We're gonna kick off with the east Which basically is like the northeast kept car of amtrak boston buffalo jersey. The island is rangers. Philly pittsburgh and washington We're not going to do a team by team breakdown. Because i don. We think that gets a little tedious team team. But we're going to give table. Yeah yeah basically all right. I'll jumping i boys. I think boston wins the division. I mean they were the presidents trophy went last year. I know they lost z and crew. But i don't think they insurmountable losses. You know this isn't the trial of five ten years ago I still think they're the team to beat in that division. Obviously tamp is not there anymore. Let's go to you biz. What do you got. Going on the northeast. I'm going to go off the board here. i'm gonna. i'm actually gonna pick the rangers to win that division. I think this is the closest division as far as like like it's anybody's game. I mentioned how the islanders look now with locking barzal and how solid they are. But i'm looking to new york with some of these young guns. They're saying this. Andre miller is that how i say it is i say properly sa. Yeah okay thank you. They're saying this kid's going to make the team at a camp so there's another guy on the back end who's going to stop up got. Who's the guy they signed to the big contract trueba imagine with its contra miller steps in. I don't know what's going on with the st angelo. Got a lot of the stuff that's gonna right now. They've had talked him a few times. He's playing the left side currently but the game is there. You like them off. I mean he's kind of a riverboat gambler. I mean defensively. He's not the strongest. But i think just the overall their teams good the two goalie structure. They got the two young russian so you know in a short and condensed season. They can flip flop but You know ultimately. I i like how young are legs are and i think they're going to surprise a lot of people people in and of course the number one pick coming in. That's just going to add a little bit more to the offense people. Forget about cackle. Kappa kappa overall. Pick your in one of those guys who didn't pop off the start but either to jack you. So looking for him to really elevate his game along with laugher nee and of course who is a bada and other guy so as far as the back end up front and then having to guys in that who are competent. I really like their chances coming out of nowhere in two years. Just completely turn out organization around david. Quinn's done a phenomenal job. And they've quickly kind of gotten things going again incense when they signed. Erin i i don't know like all this money. And when does the green rush. Yeah when are you going to start winning. And either they knew it or they got lucky in that. This guy can actually carry a team because when the season ended last year with corona. I believe they were in the playoffs. If if you'd started the playoffs right then mid march and nobody saw that come and they want on a big run and you mentioned a bunch of guys that i really liked but for me no brainers philly win this division. I think the philadelphia flyers are are set up to to go and win the stanley cup. This year. I think there's a legit chance that they could get it done. All i've heard is that our boy. Kevin hayes is one of the best camps. Going short and camp came in ready to go playing. awesome couple. Goals in the scrimmage last night by sunday night and nolan patrick is a guy that just comes to my mind because we talked earlier about how much he said to battle and go through since he came into the league. Another huge prospect second overall. I believe i don't remember the exact year but a guy who's like the future of him look so bright so much potential and then the concussion thing which is so scary and what guys go through. And you don't know if you'll ever get back to that level while in talking to people around that team. He looks as good as anyone on the ice. So i know the issue right now is a flyers fan is like it's not an issue but if you're looking at what maybe could pop up is if and four check don't really play at a high level and in the playoffs. It's kind of been an issue. But i still think there's enough they're young guys wise and carter heartbe in the goal along with over avante. Provan on who i think could could win a norris. I mean not only is his game great on the offensive side but he's way better defensive than people realize plays a ton of minutes and is known as the hardest working guy on and off the ice for that team so he's an animal training now. There's really strong up the middle. He absolutely loves playing for that team as as do most guys. Everything's different this year. They philly's got a good home ice advantage. It seems the crowds always into it. It's not going to be. It's not gonna matter this year but their teams good enough to really not have it affect them. Because i think there's there's a time to go on in terms of the other three playoff teams. I'm going boston. I'm going washington man. So that means pit or the or the islanders of the rangers wouldn't think it's crazy man. It's division this division is murderers row as they say it murderers row. I think it just sucks. Because there's going to be two if not three really good teams that. Don't make the playoffs philly austin rangers pittsburgh. Fuck it washington fucked islanders and fuck it buffalo buffalo. I don't think buffalo's getting in this year. I love and i'd love to see you for your four teams boston for the division i get the island is in the there essentially rechanneled but no chance. I'm picking them yeah They're essentially bringing the team back. They lost last. Time is grace. But they're bringing sarokin from russia's probably maybe the best number two in the league will find out soon. I also like philly and other team. That really didn't have that too much to their roster that they lose madness niskanen when he retired but they brought him gusts ups in the re- replays him. And i like the capitals as well for the fourth playoff team i know they lost hope but the high on samsonov found still got a good squad. Window is going to be closed and so again to reiterate boston to win. The division with the island is the flyers in the capital's finishing off the playoffs. Three patrick division teams but every division. You're going to get to this woman. Maybe not everybody. How do you ever leave this team out. But that's what's crazy about. This year is a lot of good teams. I ain't gonna make the playoffs. I got boston philly and both new york teams and i will leave buffalo out. I think opennow wash nobody pit. Walk with you on that long. Yes oh there's my hot take. I'll probably go. There goes your penguins alumni newsletter dad huge roster turnover too. I mean you bring five six new guys in a bunch of guys going out..

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