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But some reasons or just kind of tired of him as we does that sound, you know, he's had one thousand at bats in Tampa Bay. And they kind of see these young guys in the system and kind of keep trying to nudge him out. And yet he still stays there. He stills productive. I love Matt Duffy. And again, there's a section of race wins who do love Matt Duffy. But to your point of being overlooked even some race fans overlook him and say, well, we got upgrade. Matt Duffy, we need to upgrade at third base upgrading infield. Duffy. No, you don't he's a very very good player. And I think that Matt Duffy's part of why the race vote. Trebol off of. Everyone is contract last year shipping him to stiffen Cisco. And then what they got back though, which Krishna Royal a third base prospect to everyone as soon as that moves happen named the next longoria. So now they're trying to kind of fast track him to the big leagues. Even though he's not shown to be ready about the major league level and kind of moved up the other way. So even raise fans to an extent overlook, Matt Duffy. And so that kind of just goes across baseball and Tampa Bay seems like even the raise like a dissenter kind of fast track in a Royal trying to kind of nudge Duffy a little bit. I mean, if you're Duffy, how do you handle that? You know, there's another cop out to us here. He just a professional. Matt Duffy doesn't care if he's playing in Tampa Bay Kansas City, Boston New York. He's was play baseball. I don't think this. I don't think this kind of stuff gets to him. There are some players that does for sure I think Matt w is not one of those guys just a head down kind of guy a hard-working kind of guy. I think that we are point is correct for most guys. But for Matt Duffy. I don't think he really cares where he plays. If it's in Tampa, great. If it's not a well, you have guys that are just consummate professionals. I mean, you can kind of look all around the league we could talk about somebody like Elvis Andrus. I mean, again, it's one of those situations. Nari he Elvis's amazing. He's also extremely underrated at the position right next to Duffy. I mean, but a guy that I don't that. I think handles his business doesn't let people get to him and the best the best way to put that in terms of people Adrian Veltri. I mean, biltrite did everything. Possible in the most professional way. And that's that was one of the big reasons that everybody in baseball seem to love him. Once he finally got the recognition ninety deserve. Yeah. I think you hit on the head. That's that's kind of the poster child for professional, and you know, back to Andrews. It's kind of funny that he's the exact same guy at the major league level that he was at the Marley level. I was lucky enough. The at the time the the Rangers owned the AAA rights to Oklahoma City. So I saw him Kinzler crews all those guys come up to the minor leagues. And they were just the same there as they were whenever they won the world sear went to the world sees excuse me, sadly lost both times. This is one of my favorite outfields in baseball. I don't know if I asked I don't know if it's a good thing that I love this team as much as I do being a SOX fan..

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