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We got a new coach and remember they traded for there was a draft pick a first round pick or a couple of other pics. If it doesn't work out, they get rid of Leonard salary that got some. Basically, they're going to say, okay, we're going to rebuild. We're going to take. Shot this year. If it doesn't work out, we can't talk co- Leonard into staying in by the way, he would not be the first player who goes to Toronto thinking, what is this place? It's candidate and finds out that they love it because to Rana was a really good place to play. It's real the first of all, it's a very diverse city. It totally every African American athlete that I've talked to plays up. There says it's such a different experience playing in Toronto and living in the city of Toronto. Then in a lot of other places in the states and they ended up loving it. The Canadian dollar thing is always an issue, but you know, the fans are great. They're so maybe he likes it and that's the chance that they're taking. It's a one year Wu but don't dismiss the fact that they might have been quietly happy that they dumped out on three years of twenty eight million dollars a year for a guy who they just said. We like them, but he's not getting it done. By my friend, my good friend. Well, that's, that's. That's actually not true. Carmelo Anthony. Yes. Finally changed teams. Well. Quite nicely. They call me man. Vice Lee high. He changed teams much the way you change planes in Chicago on on a longer journey. He, he was briefly with the Atlanta Hawks hardly knew you. He when you look back on his hawks career Bob way, I tell you this. This is so many highlights so many little lights, but now the big rumor is that he does get to go play with the cool kids because one of the defacto general managers of the Houston Rockets, even though he's never won anything, Chris, Paul is urging them to sign him. I think it's well, I don't. I, I'm doubt that this is a regional thought. I'm going to express a general thought it will work if he will admit the mortality factor that who are mellow allergist, just for people who haven't ever heard you for talking about why his role on the Olympic team was the greatest y'all get. Okay. Thank you for setting me of teaming me up Michael with a with a nice batting practice fastball camello. Anthony has never been good enough to be the guy though the mistake was made in New York. James Dolan thought he could be the guy who could not be can. He can be, however, a tremendously useful at junked player because he has a great skill pudding. The ball in the basket and the Costa sensual Carmelo. Anthony took place in the gold medal game in two thousand twelve in London. When our boys are leads are Popovich. Eons were coach k.'s. Excuse me. We're languishing a bit and a little stupor in the second period against the spaniel and coach k. said mellow, get in there and give us a booster shot and mellow when an air with bang, bang, bang, bang for jumpers at which point coach case it. Oh, Carmelo. Thank you so much over here. Sit down. Let's enjoy the show from here on out. That's the kind of function. He conserved to the Houston Rockets as an adjunct score, not being asked to do any other damn thing, except get a stray rebound every now and then and admit who he is and helped team that way and not expect to be the man, which obviously cannot be in the company of an existing MVP and maybe one of the great point guards of all time except and remember we are speaking about this at the moment..

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