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Of the biggest airline in the country are now suing to stop flights to China American United and delta airlines of all cut back on their flights to China because of fewer bookings during the corona virus outbreak but the union that represents American Airlines pilots she's now suing American to stop all flights to China the allied pilots association represents about fifteen thousand American Airlines pilots it's asking for a temporary restraining order to stop American flights between the US and China the union is telling its pilots to decline assignments to fly to China I like stone ET seed in American by the way is the largest carrier at sky harbor airport thank you Jamie and right now let's get detour Dan who's in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center with the update on the northbound one oh one in the east valley yeah it's not good you know the earlier when we had that vehicle fire it was fully in golf we went to two lanes blocked north power will want to Broadway and even though the fire has been extinguished the the wreckage has been removed and all lanes reopened now we have a new crash north about one oh one at baseline on a day where there's everybody heading to the T. P. C. and it's rush hour you can't have those things happen all on the same freeway we are now looking at a one hour ride northbound one oh one from the Santander worth up to Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and the majority of all of those minutes are just trying to get to the to to read not freeway if I would recommend another route other than the one on one price you get there everything is just crawling up through Broadway from whether state is on the right side of the freeway from the vehicle fire we're also looking at a twenty nine minute ride on the sixty westbound signal due to the tent things are starting to pick up for you to seventeen minutes on the ten westbound from the tool to Santander the seventeen split this traffic report right you by Arizona State University bring your spirit of adventure to issues open door and discover why a S. use the nation's most innovative university ASU west campus this Saturday from one to five featured and get your is high pressure builds in bringing dry and warmer conditions to the weekend will reach seventy two for high today seventy six on Saturday and seventy seven on Sunday morning lows will fall into the forties each day then our.

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