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Rao Madrid do orbit there are clubs out there that offer one really important thing we do offer rituals gametime and a manager who actually wants in there and that's it. That's the balance what would you do because no one's going to pay his wages. So do you take. Do you do that just to continue playing football or we'll continue to Madrid and take the money what would you do. You know I remember having this conversation last year. When in fact that hit a new coach it was a new opportunity? I thought okay. This is the time you stay where you are. You prove yourself and now you're in a situation. That's quite obviously not good for him to actually gain some playing time so as a player I would look at it in the sense that I need to move right. I have plenty of money. I know listen. I know our careers are short but I I want to play. I'd want to prove myself again and put myself back in pedestal or in the limelight of people keep talking or talk about me as one of the best players and you can't do that on the bench so to me. This is a bit strange. I know it's money but I don't like it quickly. Say What do you think the problem is. We cannot will blow up. The plane was all about the money it's all the problem is gotTa. Bail is probably nine hundred million in the bank. That's where the problem is because he doesn't have to do them but don't you WANNA play football. We do want to play football but he's therapy. He's got three in front of it yeah. He's got plenty of money. He's going to take a peek up but that's surprising thing isn't it because he's he. He got to a point where he was taught about. Being one of the best when you're in that you've gotta push yourself and now he's not but because you've got so much money doesn't see that we anymore so great L. Lion Tiger and all that stuff it's true. Would you and you get once you go there. That's the test and it seems right now. He's feeling the test round what you're looking of course get rid of him. I know the players as well suggestions that Danny survivors could be on the way out said and there was a picture sure of him in a London telephone box which clearly means he's moving to talk them hawks. Oh time or also or Fulham Fulham could be put a that's what is one of the things the BIOS is actually being quite clear on this and I've quite enjoyed listening to him because because of his honesty he said immediately off the European under twenty one championships that he wanted to play football but they didn't want to leave Ramadan that was he was saying look. I want this to be alone because I think I can succeed at Real Madrid but I've been told very very clearly by then you're not part the plans despite the brilliance of his performances at under twenty one tournament which led a lot of people in Spain to say hang on. We need to rethink this ramjet cool stuff WANNA lose him. Permanent one option would be a sale with a with a buyback close but I think what we'll see is we'll see anyth- a BIOS very very keen to go to play on loan and return the following summer and say I'm good enough. I want a starting place in the Real Madrid team. Meanwhile it's interesting to think it was twelve months ago that Cristiano Renaldo made that move from Real Madrid to inventors and I suppose the question is after a year who was the most successful who has benefited most from that transfer. Eh Let's start with you. You take a look at the all to win the Champions League this year Ramage at eight to one eventers ten to one who reflecting on the last twelve months got the better the deal right so difficult to judge isn't it because you know Rinaldo went and of course he won the title in Italy and the one that won the league title into the umbrella one absolutely nothing having come off the back of three champions leagues in a row you would say well clearly Rinaldo but of course winning the title in Italy with events. That's kind kind of what happens so to what extent is this him. Being the person that propels extent is about school a lot of goals clearly play very very very well indeed and rummaging..

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