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That's broken out among sister against sister now. Well there's there's curious because Keenan also hates the name as so they are. They're they're they're good s visas team lucy inmates forever. So like okay. Apparently this is the hot topic of the of the episode so listeners right in and let us know or disciplined twitter man. I'm I'm very good with maize as nickname so that that's not really cool without yet. Lurker says it's a great nickname. And I think it's a good name. It doesn't like Mazza keen and maize. Do not go together for me at all but I like them. Both Scotty says remember the Internet dress the twin site differently. And it's still a source of angst white and gold. Clearly it was white and gold. I feel strongly about. I don't think we should. I don't think we should do that. 'cause they they need each other. They're already separated by several states so we can't introduce any more discord into that relationship. I'm already have to walk them through some tough stuff with our continuing legends tomorrow. Viewing so we've got to keep the peace. Okay okay. Well let's let's move to our last little bit of the episode. What do you guys think about the revelation that that mom is glowing? Oh Yeah. That's an interesting wrinkle ISH. Is she like burning through her human form? Data tyrone it like it cannot contain her. Yeah even Tricia Helfer spotty cannot contain US less. You'll be well. Cain obviously he's not chiming in. That was my assumption and it would make the urgency more understandable which also then makes it more understandable that she would be plotting so nefarious late by the way Mom trying to Mug. Her own son in a parking garage was a dilemma. And I there is something about the way she was standing where I figured it out immediately right and I was like. This is hilarious Because she's got the super strengthen what it was really fun and good anyway It then reconciles the difference between her emotional state and her actions. If there's an urgency that we didn't know about so too yeah. I'm interested in that develop. If she's burning through a skin suit she's got gotta get that sword go through those gates on the upside. We could just kill her again and get her into another body. Not How that works. I think it was because she is draped hell escape I think it just. We'll also like if based on like a tiny pinprick of like cut. That is mel that much light. I would assume energy. I can't imagine it would be good for ranch. She could go full highlander. I would be deep fat. Yeah I also like just a little moment of leg of a Lucifer and Amanda deal just being like a guys. Maybe you tell me that. Mom's prices I absolutely one hundred percent believe that amenity alike. Forgot did now you know. Kind of like the The Doctor Linda and amend deal thing. We're just everybody else knows about it. I really feel like amenities forgot that everyone else didn't know that. Mom has super strength now. Marcus says she went to Hell when she was defamed and yet hell is trying to pull her back. She said that's right. So yes if she if she dies she would end up back in. Hell I think pornos. I don't know we're not going to worry about that. Because that's not the way. The narratives headed the says like for a satisfactory narrative. That can't be how it how the season goes so more on that next week Okay and if anybody else has any thoughts about this upset or other little moments there are so many juicy delicious moments You want us to talk about Please drive them into the chat Lurker says the logic of all their bodies is something. Best left unconsidered lurker. I disagree we should be considering the watching all their bodies. I I am fully on this one lately. How did MAYS GET OUT OF HELL? If like demon like it's it's very complicated and I think there might be answered but it's not worth even make sense. Don't think exactly While reading for any other thoughts in the jet spiritual Do we have any final thoughts? No I really enjoyed Jeffrey Irwin's popping up in this episode. I like to forget one's a lot. And he they give them so many like good bureau little beats to play including his tearful admission of guilt over the embezzlement style that it's really really funny and then that whole maybe waited to hear any of this was just really life about. I also refuse to believe that. This man is being underpaid of that school if they've had that same wellness in motion instructor there four years. I refused the assistant. Dean is often not being paid what he should be getting paid for a school like that but if he's getting paid what he thinks he should get paid. Yeah that's fair but he. He framed a very much like keeping up with the Joneses of the student body. And the girl so yeah well yes but I also doubt that. He thinks he has to live in palatial like she was like. It's fairly covered my rhythm just moving. I WANNA take my hat to Allison Becker who I thought was really fun. Also and who knows? Maybe there's a chance that she's going to show up in the parks and REC special tonight. Chalgham away tweet. Like wouldn't be parks with advocate would know kits already. I've already watched it. She's not in it. She's not in it but there are lots of other Delightful surprises in that one We see Sp says I didn't the what about breakfast. Maze include exchange and Marcus says head cannon. Is that the administrator. Has a huge gambling debt and yeah. I could buy that I can to. He had to go to some fundraiser. At one of the Parents House and sat down at the table and figured out the stakes were nuts. It's good that's good head Cannon Marquez of the darkest timeline for Sean. O'malley tweet. Yeah Yeah Pretty much pretty much Elson any final thoughts on this upset. No I mean I hope. I hope that there's more Lexi Lexi. You know what? Nope can't even do it now. Don't trixie tricks trickster. For triggering a for content. I hope there's more tricks for content in the future If not in what's already been produced than in season five maybe Because they obviously have so much fun together and more tricks us always always good with me So that's one of the atoms my wishlist. I don't remember what else was on my wishlist. Mom and we got that office we got that Lucifer babysitting sort of we got that. Have to come up with a newish. I was it was. It was good upset. Enjoyed The Times. Well our next up. This is our conversation about episode fifteen season two deceptive little parasite and tomorrow's episode is sixteen Gob Johnson so any thoughts on that could be your Kayla stopped candles restoked my partner's very stoked about sub. So obviously the toy is also very stoned right. Yeah because she's coming back for that. So yeah now it's GonNa be devastating for everyone else. I think yes just like so so for those who already watched I. You can start on the counts. I love the casting. The guest actor bringing my partner said it was really good guests casting. Yeah I always enjoy this actor whenever they pop up anywhere in particular particularly when they get to fully embrace. They're insanely amazing beard Which I'm not. I'm not a beard person usually but it's pretty amazing. Lurk lurker is very expected skills. Very excited so now that. I've danced around that enough. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Guy Was just GonNa say that about the beards very good also very good on on supernatural to where they were also a biblical figure on a supernatural. Which is not a show that does some of the same theology stuff but not the not the algae all the time so there's some overlap of the Su- show so having like Lucifer you know kind of world thing in a supernatural kind of world thing it's funded casting but anyways we're going to be back tomorrow. Tofte Johnson. Thank you guys for hanging out today. In the chat we had Kayla Keenan lurker Marcus. Spn Scotty so much fun especially getting through all of that. Strife all that pain and trauma in strife of the battle of the names we could come together over our appreciation of his other. Ellen's and we're back tomorrow to talk about it so until then..

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