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Starting in Roseville this afternoon thirty six westbound debris on the roadway by thirty five W. Snelling Avenue and in little Canada thirty five east south bound watch out for crash from little Canada road to six ninety four and that's my tech traffic your five Eyewitness News weather forecast comes with a freeze watch that's happening on Friday night but before we get to that partly cloudy thirty four tonight fifty mostly sunny tomorrow and then that freeze warning what happens on Friday night with clear skies and a low of thirty three right now the my talks to the US fifty nine so it's remarkable how this is in my top everything you need to know from the world of entertainment and pop culture at the top of every hour on my talk on seven one tell us everything we how to Saint Florent is it Florence Pugh I always forget well she doesn't need the world's approval when it comes to her relationship with Zach Braff she said I have the right to hang out and be with and go out with anyone I want to add very true Florence yes because some people were dragging her for going out with him when she's twenty four and he's forty five but she said that she always found this part being very bizarre all the trolling that she's getting on social media this is this interview she's the cover girl for something yeah June yeah Hey I don't know why she keeps talking.

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