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Where you'll find our blog and little notes, and if you subscribe to a newsletter, really we don't do much. We don't spam. You is just little bits of information or will let you know when are new episodes are coming out. And you can find us on social media at the podcast. Ah The PODCAST. and. We've been forgetting to say all of that. Everything all day. We've also been forgetting to introduce the exciting seems. And during our and forgetting all kinds of stuff we're just all over the place season two. What pretty much Horny? Twenty. People get it people now young they understand they're like Oh season two was in twenty twenty. Okay. That makes perfect sense. Twenty twenty expect the unexpected. Not. Speed up expecting. ooh. Sorry I just do by. two-seat speaking of expecting the unexpected. I jury frigging summons. A in the middle of covid. A now I know that weren't doing own. You know what I think some places are doing virtually. Oh. I'd be hip to that scene. I don't know if but how in the world could you? Like I would have to be secure right my I don't know my Internet connection is secure and they'd have to make sure that nobody was behind my computer listening in like Yeah just weird I think it's I don't know. I read something recently about it and I think it was a trial. But. They had the jurors and the everybody was in had their own device and yes. So I mean. They, bring us in and have our own little rooms or something. I don't get Ronald said Oh. Well, that's good. Win is a win is your summons for two weeks Interesting I, wonder if they limited the number of people per day, so you can ace out while you're sitting there waiting yeah. The selection jury selection I read they have their timed. So they don't have many people. but still that's just crazy to me. I knew I am all about I. Love Love the four people. The United States that loves loves loves loves to do this. I do and you're one of the other four. Most. My mom, my mom's went. But they're out there somewhere. But I'm like it's fascinating I. Love it but I definitely not in the middle of Kobe. Well, it'll be it'll be a story. It will maybe maybe I'll call in and I won't won't actually get chosen. But my theory is is that everyone else is like what I didn't get it unedited it'll be you know me and four other people again I don't know for for that number keeps coming up. Who are like? Okay. It's my civic duty fill out all the paperwork and yeah. I. Think Banana going to skirt out maybe not I guess we'll find out. Yeah. I'll keep you updated. It's interesting. They have it only two weeks out normally it's a few months. Yeah I got it last week. So it would have been a three week three got trusting notice. You were mentioning London. La La la La la knitting probably could have said that even if you hadn't. We were talking about, which is actually episodes ago but I realized it hit me like a ton of bricks and I was so upset with myself but I didn't give my favorite quote and so I'm I'm gonNA. Say it now it is It's my Samuel Johnson and Then I like this when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life and but the full quote is let me see. Biden. Why Sir you find no man at all intellectual who is willing to leave? London. No Sir when a man is tied of London, he is tired of life for their is in the London all that life can afford. Yeah, I love it sweet when my absolute favorites mccamley, right gone it. It's twenty twenty. But yes. Anyway so I thought I'd share that. Yeah, and I was starting to tell you about before we started recording and I decided for this. So everybody here I'm at three month old Bernie doodle puppy yesterday. What does he Bernard Bernard doodle Bernadette Doodle I. Never knew there was such thing Mrs little puppy was so adorable like hawking was just so only his. More Saint Bernard than. Pseudo. He was so cute I. A friend of ours came at she's also moving I. I had some boxes to pick those up was helping. Bring them to her car, and we passed a lady with her bumpy and her puppy was so excited to see us. We had our hands full and masks and everything else like I'm sorry I have to do this and I thought they'd go on their way but he sat down. On the sidewalk and wouldn't let. Is. Mom Leave Oh I came back. visit that that is exactly like hawking when I take him for walks if there's another dog. And I try to get them to keep going. He will literally lie down and he will not move until he gets to meet the other dog. Him was so kissing walling. Leagues Store. Oh my gosh, I got I'm pulled up pictures of those babies. They get massive. I Bet I bet so cute. Oh, he was so cute and he's giving me and Shit and I. You know I asked her if it's okay and she was soon because you know Kobe and everything you want to make sure everything is okay. And it's polite to ask because. It was so. Crawling over me and he just giving me just as an ounce and. I put my keys down at one point, and so he picked him up for me and gave them back to me. So do cute. Wally how old is he? Re Months Oh Jeez. L.. Let's see if he's bigger than the cats already standard A doodle. Weighs Seventy to ninety. pounds. and. You can expect to pay between two thousand, five, hundred, five, thousand from a reputable quality breeder average costs closer to four thousand holy Jesus. What? A big baby. Is Big they think John is going to be a big baby. Cute is social..

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