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Now on all podcast platforms. It's 5 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Rita Kessler in the traffic center. Thanks, John, while we do have some delays from some work zones where you have some good news on 66 eastbound 66 near the miners rest area. There's still one work truck sitting there in the right lane. Besides that, the rest of the work zones being picked up. So you will find brief volume heading in toward the manassas rest area, but then it looks good. The closer you get to 29 Centreville, westbound 66, however, is still slow from not least straight toward one 23. It was one left lane getting by the work, and southbound 95 slows through Dale City. It is near the car rest area, one left lane getting by the work and that's not supposed to clear for about another half hour or so. After that, it looks good into Fredericksburg, northbound no problems out of Fredericksburg crossing the aka Kwan into Springfield three 95 in good shape between Springfield and the 14th street bridge. We're still seeing some lingering volume along I two 95. It was northbound between laboratory road and Malcolm X avenue at one point it was just a single right lane getting by the work hearing that the roadwork is clearing, but there are foggy conditions in the area that's making it a difficult drive anyway, so that's keeping that delay sticking around. Once you get past all that, it looks good headed to the 11th street bridge, D.C. two 95, no worries to the bridge, and the inbound suitland Parkway still looks good from branch avenue toward two 95, and across the Douglas bridge. On the beltway, no worries, inner and outer loop through Maryland and Virginia, southbound two 70 in good shape out of urbana, headed all the way to the lane divide onto either loop of the beltway. If you're on route 50, westbound looks good from the bay bridge to the beltway the earlier work crew between bay Dil drive in the 7 river bridge should be gone. Also, New Hampshire avenue northbound between Norwood road and Briggs chaney road. They're still doing some utility work there. They're replacing a traffic signal box that had been damaged from an earlier wreck. I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic. Our forecast now here's Mike stina. We'll see some sunshine this morning but later today turning cloudy breezy and rather cool our highs mid 50s to

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