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She probably hardly knows where her roots like. Locker is in the locker room but learn cox player for the sparks. Now she's going to be around the league so keep an eye out Where did i leave off. Indians connecticut at indiana. That was thursday. Game the only thursday game. And you know what indiana held their heads high and stuck within two possessions of a really good connecticut. Team i'm going to give him some credit here even though i know. They're not in the moral victories there. you kind of have to take them more. You can get a mysterious fever this year. Brianna jones the story of this game. Hello thirty four points Yeah that'll do it. Yeah that was. Oh man the sun. The sun are doing this thing where they're reminding you. Just how many players they have. That can go off the air making themselves like. There's no ignoring them anymore. It's like the that that trope is is good debt at this point more so more so dead. If you're the dragons. I just wanna make clear. That's something people pay attention to. You can even include. You could just like turn the the sun logo on the side and have it be like a blast of flame or something like that. I don't know you could do something. Cool jason snow will get him on that. Uncle jones obviously had a great game two nights prior. We already talked about that one. Nineteen points in twenty eight minutes in this one Ten for ten from the foul line. Make an account from the foul brianna. Jones was plus fourteen for this game. She had thirty four points as well as pouring in seven rebounds three steals jeez doina bonner also very good game this this fever team like i said they. They actually held a. They held their own kelsey. Mitchell played almost the entire game scored twenty one points. Mccowan went in there. Got nine point it. you know. It's it's disappointing. The fever actually shot over forty eight percent from the floor for the game Still come out with a win. So that's that's a tough one swallow for them. The connecticut center just dang good team. Not a lot you can do there. And tonight's games haven't happened yet. So that's your week recap i. It was longer than two minutes. But i we took a couple of detours. I think we wanted to take the saas scenes and and we got there. Yeah can we cut back to one quick thing we hit on it like a brief second but we ended this talking. Sparks have been talking fever. I think it only makes sense to hit them. Lauren cox for just a minute. This actually don't even know. See what happens when you look at the right stat sheet. You find the right names. It's an amazing phenomenon. Laura carlos eighteen minutes just shy of nineteen minutes in this match up her first game. Technically it was the same day she officially signed with the team. There were scuttled up for him. But this was official on this day. Her highest minute cannabis season. I'd have to go back historically and see if it was her most played game of her career and she comes and she immediately contributes. She only makes a basket in nets. Four points but she comes in drops five rebounds she distributes the ball she gets a couple of steals immediately making herself known being a presence sparks could use. The sparks are a team in flux right now in heavy transition. It's hard to say that they're in any sort of playoff race. But i expect the sparks to look good down the in the future and i could see cox being a big part of that already after one night. We've seen more potential out of her Than i feel. Like we ever even considered out of indiana this is coupled with erica wheeler going from indiana to los angeles saying i did know that a star player could get this type treatment. I don't want to turn this into just like a complete out. And out routing on the indiana fever. But you're one in sixteen so you kind of have to take that in one way or the other but when you see would you see the sparks putting investment into cox compared to what her experience in indiana just in general. What are your thoughts been. I i don't understand the single thing. Fever done organizationally or on the floor. All year i. I don't know i tear. Mccowan is not there more. I don't know why on their books. They have to veteran players. That are not superstar players. That are making superstar money. I don't understand why they're not using the picks that they spend high in the draft on premium players to either to develop them or to something in the offseason or to gain something in the middle of the season they they don't acquire assets. They just squander them they don't utilize the good players. They have i think kelsey mitchell interior mccown on any other team. You're you're looking at some of the big names in the league. But they just kind of hide there in indiana and to be honest. I think this is going beyond. I'm gonna take the pressure off the players on the court like a professional basketball team. That just went out lost by six to one of the best teams in the league the other night at think they deserve some credit for trying to to play with kind of a hand tied behind their back but it's their own front office that's holding them back at this point and the mismanagement that team. I can't remember if this was on mike. Or if this was just on her twitch discussion on.

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