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Sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white pink red. Here's Rob would fork Alright, Mike? It's been a Star Spangled Banner Day for the United States in Olympic Competition. USA Women's Soccer, rebounding from its first loss in 2.5 years in a major way, steamrolling New Zealand 61. And Team USA, his first match since Wednesday's stunning opening loss to Sweden. The Americans scored early and often, butts got some additional help in the form of two New Zealand own goals, all with first lady Jill Biden on hand to watch the second half scoring surge. And speaking of scoring surges, the U. S Women's Water polo team said all kinds of scoring records in a 25 to 4 blow out of Japan. It was also the largest margin of victory in Olympic history. And those records short lived because just a couple of hours later, Spain routed South Africa 29 to 4 Team USA, also a winner in three on three women's basketball and men's volleyball. The nationals looking to rebound in Baltimore tonight. Max shares are set to pitch opposite Matt Harvey in the 6 35 contested Camden Yards. The Oh scored six unanswered runs in last night's 61 win. And that dropped the Nats six games below 500. They are seven games behind the Mets and the race for the NL East. Stephen Strasburg doesn't appear likely to join that race anytime soon. The net starting pitcher apparently still dealing with neck discomfort that's kept him sidelined for nearly two months. There's pointing out Strasburg One World Series MVPs only made seven starts and the debate over vaccination in the NFL has taken another turn. The league has adopted a policy that finds unvaccinated players more than $14,000. Every time they violate covid protocols that can be expensive. Rob would fork w t O p Sports. Thank you, Rob Just ahead here on W T. O P in area bar destroyed by fire rises from the ashes and reopened to.

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