Donald Trump, Davis Stockman, President Trump discussed on Rich Dad Radio Show


Log onto rich dead radiocom while you listen now back to robert kia sake lagerback robert cosac reddish show the news and bad news about might and we started this conversation with president trump is now talking to pull the tests cut for the middle class living as a taxi and a lot for the middle class and the rich will only get richer which is a whole theme of the rich dad radio show why don't we have financial education so our guest today is davis stockman's the bestselling authors a washington insider he's a former director of the office of management and budget under president reagan her is and we had a david stockman on here is because being the guy with the budget he sees the numbers affects not the story not the height not the campaign promises so care much a crossquestioned today but yes well david were talking about the corporate tax rate and lowering it to twenty percent and of course all the politicians say oh this is going to be so great for the american people it's going to bring back all these jobs employment will go up and i was listening to you on an earlier interview and you're saying hey these companies who are overseas there they're there i mean they've got people employed they've got a lot of infrastructure they've got investment over there they're not all a son going to shut down their businesses and bring all these employees but bring all these jobs back to america took about apple orange lapyere liar several secret great in in the example i used to ibm in 1992 idea bureau employees in india and one hundred fifty thousand employees in the united faith fastforward twenty two twenty three years they have a hundred and fifty thousand employees in india and less than ninety thousand in in the us now my point is they went to india because labour costs are dramatically lower and because ferry englishspeaking they could you.

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