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It's portable as we were on the country. And then it allows you I mean, a will clearing like there's money this who goes to fine unless you want to happen. If you want to take care of your kids over you need to dress. And I thought I'd want him just all have the money right away. And I realize now let him wait a little bit. So here's here's one thing. That was interesting to me about your PR. There was an Aretha Franklin story about her passing. And that so what you said to me is interesting cerebral it. But no one's reading an article about it Retha Franklin people reading an article about her. And then you come in there as the person who gets explain it because her lawyers not gonna jump in. And explain it. I don't think that lawyer can do that her family's not going to be open about what's going on with assets. But you can go in and explain it and the article here, and this is from FOX business can explain this is the CEO and founder. Of will and trust creation app tomorrow. And that gives a lot of credibility the other thing I right about that. That's how the. The other thing that I saw was an article this trying to dissect you from a distance in your article about I guess, you are mentioned in it about how I built in eighteen million dollar company with no VC funding, and you can too. This was an entrepreneur magazine. So your story becomes really interesting for places like here and for entrepreneur magazine, by the way, you sold the company for eighteen million dollars is that where they came from. I guess that is April. Wow. Congratulations. You own a third at? We we haven't broken that out before the questions, though questions with flow of your I I asked the question you said, yeah. But you don't mean the as yes. To my answer. It's yet. We're not gonna answer it. Right. Okay. All right. Final thing. I thought we would talk about is the veracity in his I would have thought there would be no veracity in Wales I talked to no one except for my good friend about how what lawyer I should hire. And then that was it you found a way to make a barrel without making creepy talk about what you did. Yeah. So you're not biting everyone into our. But they're basically how typically works is. Your lawyer comes your office and asked for some names like who's gonna let your kids who's going to executive which person basically operates your will for takes care of your state. App you pass. And then you don't tell those people at all really, it's the it's a lot of Manchester by the sea, people know that also they're going to be guardians, and is actually be fault. People don't actually know that and so tomorrow instead I start typing in name. AM electoral bitty about the guardian. Do kids lovely kids. They care them as will the to a certificate. Oh, anger polls. Your name from contacts cheese. A message says, hey anger. My act together that is created a will for me. Would you be willing to be on a list of digital arts? And you send that and then that goes out to him comes into page. You read about it. Like, oh, what is the guardian? Do you say, yes or no by joints moral? And then you say oh Dame did this. You know, this was two years ago like dated that maybe I could too. And it turns out that one in three of our users come in through that through that. And so that's been a huge way for however able to grow our we keep tuning that allot waves, and that was another thing that took some language changes some interational until you've got it. We literally just started working on it between in the last lady as ninety days ago about co fishless point three as that thirty people are required. One for free. Now viral officiant is three five which is for every three users for free..

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