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The opener yesterday. 27 24 rookie Evan McPherson kicks a 33 yard field goal as time expired in overtime for the game winner that was set up by a gutsy call on fourth and inches. Joe Burrow rolls out and hits tight end C. J. Osama For a 32 yard gain. Getting within range for McPherson. I think he could kick one from here. That guy is unbelievable, said he kicked a 60 yard or in high school. Yeah, and for it was, he said it was his first game winner, Dalvin Cook fumbled in overtime to set up the game winning drive. So more tonight on Bangles line 65 here on 700 WLW Bengals face. They're old. They're old number 14. There's that number again next Sunday. Andy Dalton in Chicago Bears in the Windy City. Other NFC North Action Steelers rally on it was scoring on their first four possessions of the second half, two down Buffalo. 23 16 Kansas City rallies from 12 down in the second half to be outgunned Cleveland 33 29. The Browns have not won a week, one game since the 2000 and four season. That's good game. Amen to that that was back and forth like crazy as it was. Let's see tonight. Baltimore at the, uh, Las Vegas Raiders. Excuse me, 7 30 on ESPN 15 30. Let's see. Brown safety Ronnie Harrison Jr ejected from yesterday's game after he shoved it, ex chief assistant on the sideline Green Bay got routed 38 to 3. I bet you Aaron Rodgers wishes he was doing jeopardy. No doubt. AJ Green Just to catch is 25 yards in his Arizona debut. Uh, Ryan Fitzy Fitzpatrick hurt his right hip. So there's there's talk that Cam Newton could be reunited with Ron Rivera and the Washington football team. Let's see College football you Cincinnati Bearcats Fella spot to eighth in the Weekly Associated Press poll, but they are rated ahead of both Ohio State and Notre Dame. For the first time since I think time began. Wow, Uh, Reds update. Nolan Arenado hit a two run homer. That's all the Cardinals needed to blank the red yesterday to nothing and reds have now lost six consecutive series 12 of 18 they're off today. There in Pittsburgh to start a series tomorrow night. Max Scherzer 3000 strikeouts Dodgers blank, The Padres eight nil. Colorado beat Philly 5/4 of the Reds and Padres are tied. For the wild card lead with the Cardinals..

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