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You old man winter is going to be in some areas. Dropping a swath of immobilizing snow as they're referring to it. But the Weather Channel naming our storm. This would already be our fourth named storm of the season. For winter storm Diego Diego will spread a wide. Sweat a widespread mess of snow, sleet and freezing rain from the southern plains to the Ozarks the southern Appalachians late this weekend on into actually early next week. They explained Diego was named this past evening with the expectation that the long swath of wintry precept will bring both the the aerial and population thresholds that they used a trigger naming a storm right right now just producing some lower elevation rain and some mountain snow in California where it's really a pretty much linger on into Thursday. Then from Friday and into early next week. That's where we begin to unleash the heaviest amounts of snow and ice as it moves further, eastward. It'll be interacting with cold air supplied by high pressure to the north, and this is going to cost a pretty significant travel disruptions for parts of the southern plains over to the southern Appalachians ice accumulations in some areas. May indeed be heavy enough for tree damage and power outages watches winter storm watches have now been issued by the national weather service from parts of the Texas, panhandle, western and central Oklahoma. Those watches include Amarillo down into Lubbock, Texas, Oklahoma City. Additional watches are all obviously issued further east along the path of the storm over the next day or two. So we're still a couple of days from the system arriving in the planes in the east, so as they say still some uncertainty, but the odds continue to increase for a major winter storm. They tell us so on through the day today. Here we are Thursday snow will fall in southern portions of California. California's Sierra Nevada in into early Thursday again impacting some of the passes possibly there. Rain for the lower elevations of southern California, extreme northwestern Mexico. Parts of the four corners region will then be dealing with snow late Thursday and into Thursday night. Then we start to see some of the freezing rain beginning to develop from the Texas, panhandle into central Oklahoma. That's where we see the ice accumulations in that. Swap could be the damaging kind damaging power lines and trees by later Friday or Friday night that widespread snow develops from eastern New Mexico into northern Texas, the panhandle northwest, Oklahoma, southern Kansas. Snow sleet, freezing rain may spread as far east as southern Missouri and northern Arkansas by Friday night. And there will be the rainy side. This storm a heavy rain at times. For far southern Texas into Louisiana. Southern Arkansas northern Mississippi southwestern, Tennessee, even north western portions of Alabama. Travel will likely be affected by the wet wintry weather along some of our major interstates wretches, I forty is going to be impacted. I thirty five there in the southern plains. Again, they're staying in some areas the snowfall maybe cut of immobilizing. That's that's the word kind of a shudder down kind of storm. So we'll continue to watch. But again currently tonight, not a whole lot of precept as we mentioned, really. It's just the heaviest rains are in southern California and the northern portions of the Baja California Mexico region. Over in the east where we saw some travel disruptions briefly this past day. We are still seeing some lake effect snows coming off of Lake Ontario Lake Erie over there in western portions of New York tonight, some snow for northern portions of lower Michigan. Not really seeing. Let me flip over. Yeah. Not the only place. We have some winter weather advisories are actually just the the westernmost counties there in New York, and you've got a few counties there in upstate New York. We'll remain. She some heavier accumulations looks like up toward buffalo is where they're in -ticipant in the Watertown area from the heaviest accumulations their winter weather advisories for Niagara Falls and buffalo, but actually winter storm warnings on up there into the Watertown area. What are they saying? Let's see winter storm warning in effect. Actually, just started at the midnight hour and continues till one AM one AM eastern time Friday, so that the lake effect snows there, I guess are just getting underway, and it's going to be heavy lake effect snow accumulations eight to twelve inches in those more persistent snow bands, greatest amounts across the tug hill, the Watertown area winds gusting to thirty five miles per hour producing blowing snow so..

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