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Be different today. There's more time and more science don advices, everyone to be safe. Based on what we know at this time. We're not advocating to delay the doses past. Authorized interval. Brian Calvert Co. Ammonia is the latest on the numbers from the University of Washington as they look at the covert vaccine of the covert cases and At least right now, some cautiously optimistic news. Checking that traffic every 10 minutes before his hand for the duty log group Traffic center. Here's Kiara Jordan. Once again, we've been working with a crash in Seattle. That's been partially blocking the ramp from North and my 5 to 85th. So take it easy as you're using that ramp. We have a crash right now. In Silverdale, This is North bound state Route three near Newbury Hill Road. It's blocking the left lane, and I'm seeing about a solid two mile back up into that area. Worked with 95 is going to be slow, beginning just south of I 90 to the convention center where crowding on North bound 99 around the First Avenue South Bridge and our backup that we were seeing forming on south. About four or five around Cold Creek. Looks like it's already clearing out. So something was blocking. It was moved out of your way quickly. His traffic report is sponsored by America's best Contacts and eyeglasses. Don't PAY for Don't over Pay for glasses get two pairs and a free example just 69 95. That's not just a better deal. It's America's best book Your Exam online today. Our next Clow traffic up 10 44 and from the diversified crawl Space Weather Center here's meteorologist Kristen Clark after yesterday's most fabulous shade of gray blanketing Puget Sound, we're hopeful will see some bright spots in our sky this afternoon, especially across the northwest Interior Olympic Peninsula. Central sound,.

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