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Don't don't prompt or don't tell them what to say. No I trust me. If she gets on her she'll probably tell you exactly how she feels about it. Okay tomorrow like talk to your fiance. About your truck testicles. Okay so Gross. All right thank you guys for you. By the way call are are what are we? What are line. Called Our voicemail. Line call our line and tell us what you think about this eight seven seven. Seventy seven bobby. That's our phone number. Eight seven seven seventy seven bobby bass pro hat on right now and we'll think about the. I think it looks cool. I like it thirty of them. If you all one okay yeah hook it up I will. I was talking to the CEO. Bass pro he was like. Hey I want it because I was talking about him on the TV show. We're talking about it on the radio. Show let's talk on the phone so we talked and I said Hey. I need to Rodney Hills. Because we're going to go fishing out by the House and my girlfriend is never pole. And I don't have a whole the works and so they sent me a couple couple bowls so pretty excited that so we're GONNA go out and into lakes around here that we can just drive up to probably won't catch anything perch Jerky Halen your mission skills while Eddie. Y You eleven. Oh I jerk and we're going to do. I'm sure there's a couple of streams out there with a couple allow large mouths waiting for you now for us. Maybe go to listen. I could probably call Luke Bryan. I sure bone and he would let me come down to one of his pants. Probably but we just probably just get some some chicken livers or worms and do a little purchaser Dirksen. Yeah fernch Turkey and I'm GonNa tell my kids that now next time we go fishing when it doesn't matter because you're going to do in the you don't eat perch did we didn't see just back but anyway yeah big shot. Bass pro. Who who hooked it up a fight travis dinning in this hat though you kind of look like a good show today. I'm glad everybody was hanging out with us. We really really appreciate it Morgan. If they go to the PODCAST. What will they hear on the show? Today Steven Curtis Chapman was on the show talking about his new song and his hair styles over the years. I I talked about that. We talked about the celebrities that were super cool for him to meet our just big steven. Curtis Chapman fans still am but was as a kid a lot. What else you got over. There has an update on someone wanting to buy her house on yesterday's podcast. Amy Brings Out of the blue. Somebody made offer on my house. It's never even been in it and then today. My house is not for sale. That's the big story today. She dropped a modest to. That's up on the podcast today. What else someone on. The show wants to put something real weird on their car that we just did that. Segment of our ago in my mind is still blown by that Anything else yan listener. Wendy called in asking for advice on possibly asking her delivery driver. Okay there you go. That was in the mail bag. Appreciate all you guys for hanging out so much to here. By the way you can go to bobby. Bones DOT DOT COM and check out the pandemic bone Z's of categories at their feet vote in including best binge-watch of Corona. Amy Anything today. Probably looking for a new. Don't spoil. Maybe maybe not looking for house. I don't know just were on the home stretch of school so get through that. This is our second to last week. And then that's it for me. What about you? I have a zoom call with a production company that thinks my easy. Super Easy Trivia. They WANNA make it a TV show. So yeah I'M GONNA put up a new episode today though Super Trivia go to my Instagram TV Thomas. Rhett is the guest at some point. He sings in it. So you'll see that brandon from land co lead singer. Landco is on as well. Super Easy Trivia is a little show that I do from from the house. It's easy trivia. All right that's it itchy. I have sunburned still. Do you see me on camera scratching myself all the time yes I do. Is that what you're doing so sunburnt? My Lips are finally little bit better. That's what I'm think I'm doing will not be at mosquitoes. Your houser Sunbird all the time. Okay we're done. Hope you guys have a great day of we'll see you tomorrow by running Dombi bones market and I want to invite you to listen to a new podcast from the Dodo. An animal saved my life. The DODO is the most watched animal storyteller on social. And now it's bringing those stories to life in audio since I was a kid. I've helped rescue some of the most vulnerable animals. Now we're going to hear about animals who have gone above and beyond to return the favor to the people they love on this podcast will hear about animals who have pulled people away from immediate danger or from the throws of addiction. One of my favorite episodes is about a man named PJ and his dog Clo- when they met they were both recovering from trauma or they found each other. They also found the strength to face anything that has his fear leaving the House and showing myself the real world and here. We are sending on this mountain just celebrating life. You're about a dog whose untrained knows detects her mom's cancer sooner than a machine camp and a pit bull who put herself in between her mom and an oncoming train. Listened to an animal saved my life on the Radio. App ON APPLE PODCAST. Or wherever you get your podcast. We're all living in the ripple effects history the butterfly flaps its wings in China in the nineteenth century and your uber driver misses the turn for the airport or an eccentric genius and Vince air conditioning and changes. The course of American politics. I'm Sean Braswell host of the thread and I'm back with a brand new podcast presented by Ozzy. Called flashback. A series of stories of unintended consequences. Listen to Flash. Flashback on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts..

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