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Yeah the minnow was on a three hour tour not because it's half man half bolton wow got it okay so i apologize for weaving audio history we got to set the scene yeah so eve already went in with his with his with his entourage and you know forty rolls deep forty people assume roughly you know all the the whole staff of sick wid records so they all go in they all go in there and they're all just you know e forty i don't know if you know this about forty but he carries jug wine with him because it's actually i think sad because he's an alcoholic but it's a fine line i'm line between my cute cork and get help yeah but i mean the man's a one of his one of his nicknames is forty water so called because he drinks forties like water because again it's actually sad because he's an colic but forty wayne in with us with all his buddies into the studio and you know they're just drinking jug wine and getting high and like two hours and fortyfive minutes go by and forty comes out to the front desk which is where this where this benz buddy worked and said hey man you white what does it question mean vince buddy goes i mean having to do with horses and forties like i cool and he goes back he goes back in the studio fucking rights averse and records in the last fifteen minutes that's about the word question and leaves and it was like the greatest triumph of the hip hop art in the history of is that available somewhere his that that we're going to have to you're going to have to do a search of you know rap genius or the original hip hop lyrics archive if you want to find that one but i do i do i also don't want you to do that in case it's not a true story on the subjects of death.

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