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Stagnant stagnant listenership and so i wanted to challenge you to join the join all the folks who have already signed up at maximum fun dot org slash donate to support this show and other shows at maximum fun look if you just want to go to maximum fund dot org and support still buffering because you're accidentally listening show and you only like still buffering go for it that's great they also deserve your support i have a question for you guys so we have the twenty dollars a month we've got the max fun cookbook where all the those put together their favorite recipes so what what did you guys submit for jj ago what's your i submitted my famous it's not famous at all and not mine i submitted at a recipe that i use to make blonde because for many years first of all i can't i don't eat chocolate because it's migraine trigger as a rule so a blondie is as close as i can get to eating a brownie but i used to make blonde for a certain level of supporter i no longer can cause we simply have too many supporters the bad problem to have yeah it's a good problem yeah i this past year even though it was like a secret level i literally spent like three days in a row baking all day here in the office which weirdly our office has an oven but yeah i i like to make blonde dis for my family and for my max fund supporter friends so i thought if i'm no longer going to be able to do that then i will put that recipe into the maximum cookbook l you got a little something special nair right i put in you know it's just it's a recipe that i use in my daily life very often it's nothing super exciting but it's a roast vegetables recipe functional it's very what it is is healthy.

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