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Better health care you will have my name sector leader in here for you don't have another man who came in the cement is fifty nine years old born importer Rico you sing because no children he's lost weight is gone from a hundred and sixty two hundred thirty pounds is lost about thirty pounds is five foot four is severe pain in the **** and Bartok's had blood from the **** for more than a year is considered one of the biggest hospitals around town he has trouble urinating he has blood from the **** is pelvic pain they cannot sit anywhere he says the masses boxer is the size of two Mallon's while he can't move his files he says his legs are weak and he's been saying that one of the actually two of the biggest hospitals in town and I saw him and I found a huge rectal mass huge rectal mass unable to pass the rectal mass with infiltration of the botox roses rectal mass infiltration and pain and bleeding with bowel problems and urinary problems difficulty walking and so were staging a mop and getting a bye after the massacre to start treatment together better that's the work that we do every day then again I should recommend that you if you haven't had a colonoscopy please have colonoscopy for someone like him via fed Colin Oscar P. most likely this would never would have happened I've lost dear friends with colon cancer and rectal cancers because it just did not get a colonoscopy so this is the work that we do every day.

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