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His is getting ready to have surgery today. And just wait known steph get out An and get some details on that. But it's a significantly injury in the sense that the the number of promotions that are affected by the injury and so They singer his close to home because his good friend of mine to buy a really love is a brother and begin. You get more of that behind the scenes as argued more news. let's get right into h. w. maybe it was a busy weekend You had chester friday night. I don't have all the results from chester. I do know that. The influencers patrick scott and chance. Riser defeated all worm. No soul To become the chester. Ap w tag team champions patrick cotton chance riser had beginning more and more opportunities to my knowledge. This is their first tag team championship. Be say a couple of things about these guys. These guys have really bought in the matching gear. The tag team moves. They continue to improve lots of potential. They're going to be x at the end of world that later This week That was friday night. You had shows lots of places on saturday and then you had to be bank being. Oh sc w show the wind jaber yesterday and I'm working to get results from that talk about that later this week. And he had a huge crowd. I saw several pictures. And that's always a one of their biggest shows of the year. I'm curious to hear The results of that show and how it affects things moving forward into this weekend because claw lot of these promotions connected so a big weekend last weekend big weekend coming up h. w. a. On saturday night. I was supposed to go to show. Sometimes life is that sometimes you got plans and you gotta leave sir time to get there and you end up having to buy tires for one of your kids. So that's the way my day went now. You know nothing bad. I am not going to complain just change of planes and we we call it a bad tire for with bad and i'm grateful for that H w way his has officially moved into the gilkey community center now they're attendants still capped They had about fifteen attended. That's not too bad. You're tenants caps. That's about how many tickets they're loud. Sales that's ethnically a out And then you're up against wrestlemainia night one Which if i'm going to be honest. Two nights wrestlemainia. I've watched zero of night. Two and i watched a little bit of nine one. I'm not as nice as good or bad. I was just up busy Weekend so awa They're gonna be opening things up soon but a new home. They're the gilkey community center. And i'm curious to see how this goes. They had a really good home there at the forest city. The spent shell national guard. Armory buck you had the pandemic you had you know. If they were still waiting on the armory it could still be months the before they were allowed back in there and so they made the best decision for them and they moved into the community center. And it's a fun boys to watch his show in the opening match. You had tj kincaid defeating brandon owens tj. Kincaid is on a roll. And he's gotta be making a seri- management take notice. They have santa lots of different opponents his way and he's been fairly successful. I guess all of them. I think he had One loss a couple of weeks ago some might call that a fluke loss against Nikki michael's other than anti jacob caters beer home row yet to guys debut in brahima from the pittsburgh area defeating tad jarvis That's one of the things you get when they w they got those pittsburgh connections and you're gonna see people wrestled there that you're not gonna see anywhere else in the south and the brahim at that is not the name. This guy is a big big guy and he made a statement in his first match in the south is first match in h. w. way Two other guys as you know the h. w. way Mid atlantic championship has been held up at this point. Relinquished by mitch. Hurley and each singles match guys are trying to put their name in there in that hat. So you had myrick more defeating nikki. Michael's nikki michael's been singles tag team competition. Mark more. No stranger to the fans their former bunkhouses brawl winner mired. More got the win there. And he's had several saints victories in a row Next you had an interesting situation as you know big country a little city are they h.w. A tag team champions little city unable to appear boomer payne who owns fifty one percent of the company came in to announce big countries tag team to face off against cruiser. Lewis and chase loveless who've been teaming together quite a lot recently and boomer payne announced eric an tarn as the tag team partner arrogant on one of the book ables and somehow big country and anton able to get the win. That this this the score is eventually going to be settled between wayne country and the unbreakable 's big country already got the victory over boomer payne an an say his career there in h. w. way but this this the tension in this feud keeps building and building and building. And who knows what's going to be next next. You had a ladies match again. Two ladies from up in the pittsburgh area making their did they be viewed. You had scarlet defeating lara love. Scarlet is going to get some recognition in the northeast and around the country and by the words of several people that i spoke to to sum it up. She is the real deal. So scarlett is one to keep your eye on As a again more and more females are getting signed more bore female wrestling in not just the region around the country. So scarlett is a name you need to write down and keep an eye on a and i am told she will be back in the area as will our lois hours. We'll hime with so keep your eyes open. If you're gonna chance to watch these superstars again. They don't appear a very busy places. These are not the kind of people you might see him every weekend. Somewhere in the carolinas and georgia this is is a special event is a special moment when they come to town to make sure you go check them out win you can. All jordan defeated drew hood. That's a match has been happening in various places in the carolinas also jordan trying to get back in the title picture. I'll have a lot more news on offs in jordan later this week and in the main event h wwl heavyweight champion. Mike madden defeated. Jake jacobs jake. Jacobs is a young man. He's making a lot of appearances and a lot of different places. He's getting some good opportunities and he's getting heavyweight title opportunities but might mad in the veteran at and mike madden recently in h. w. a lot of his title defenses. I have been against younger. Guys had been against less experienced people. A mike mag is just rope. He has been all a row and not just sonar row but hey bad has been pretty dominant you know. He has been a dominant champion. And we'll see thinking. Continue that as you know. He's also the battlezone united states heavyweight champion. He'll be defending that championship. Saturday night in williamson. I'll have more on that card later this week. Big show in thomson georgia as viral pro. Wrestling makes their return. We've talked about this a lot but the time for talk is over as it is show week and they're gonna be there at the sunset all chin house so New new location. Although i'm told they're hoping to get back in the sweetwater jim as soon as possible. It could be as soon as this summer. No final word on that What is viral pro wrestling need to do this weekend. I think it's very important viral pro wrestling at their last show in february of twenty. Twenty battle lines. You wanna talk about a promotion that had built up a head of steam. They had one of their biggest crowds ever and then obviously the paint him. Any pain demicki. Now there are a lot of other promotions in georgia who came back a lot earlier than viral viral. Wanted to come back the right way. They wanted to come back at safeway. And also there. If you listen to behind the scenes there were issues. There in thomson georgia Some things it happened to kobe outbreak than actually force viral to move a show again. That's all behind the camera steph. You get They actually had planned to come back a little suitor but it was out of their hands. But saturday night this weekend Vowel pro wrestling is gonna be back with vengeance. I think it's very important for them to have a strong crowd. Not just ace the size of the crowd. I think they're going to sell out. I think they're going to sell all two hundred of their tickets but it's very important for this crowd. Be loud and vocal and engaged in what's going on nothing more engaging than heavyweight title implications. Let me catch up as you know all the championships have our pro wrestling. Were held up by owner josh hancock last fall there. Schlock are one of the people none too happy about that as well as james kitchens who is lead. The unknown there is lock card has gotten a buy and the main event. Saturday night's gonna be darius locker against four other men for the vacant bowral pro wrestling heavyweight championship. The eight other men involved or get a four singles matches were the winners regarded to advance was rundown those matches once again. Oh and night was scheduled to challenge. Take on matt salesman. Sales has been injured and so mansell's sales would not be appearing. Does owen i get a by. Does night take on. Well he's gonna take somebody else if he wrestles. I'm curious to see who that person is in a big halls. Fine one to circle as one. I wanna see john. Davis is taken on montana. Black guys do strangers to each other. They were part of that. A big battle line's main event last february. But now it's one on one and on tanna black those That a win against. John davis john davis Was a bunch of different places wrestlemainia week and he is the type of competitor that if you can defeat him hideous notch in your belt especially for a young competitor like montana. Black dare driver with perry james is going to be taken on sean legacy. This is one of the most intriguing match. I've seen in a long time because here's the thing. Let's be honest in this region. I cover a lot of wrestling in this region and we see a lot of the same matches over and over and that's okay. I covered also see you but fans in one place may not seeing the match you know. Fans in the lower part of south carolina may not know about the matches in the upstate of south carolina. But this is a match first time anywhere and bowel per wrestling has it. This is gonna be a huge task. For shaw legacy. Shaw legacy a young man who feels that. Our pro wrestling heavyweight championship is his destiny. And there's no bigger obstacle standing in his path. Then mr neighbor nair. Mr debonair dared driver who the bowel pro fans are going to be introduced to and he has in his corner a man. I hope to speak to this week. A man who has balked time all this program and that is none other than the illustrious perry james perry james could shake everything up in viral pro wrestling. He is always working angles. He is always making sure that their drivers prepared but also than the conditions are favorable for his client. Derek driver that is going to be a huge matchup. And i'm really interested in seeing who's going to win that one. And in the last match joshua cut. Shawls be taken on timmy. Lurid again these guys no strangers to each other. They faced off both times in tag team. Competition with the monster squad and the gymnastics boys but it looks like that as we get cracking near twenty twenty one Especially came mainly rent. He's concentrating on his singles careers. The gymnast boys are no more and he has Started making a name for himself as a singles wrestler and he wants to continue that viral pro wrestling. But when you take it on. Josh joshua cut shawl. It's almost a handicapped bench as you're taking on not only cut shaul perjure take taking on his twenty seven other personalities in the rain came timidly rent overcome that. We'll find out saturday nine. We've also got tag team action that could have implications all the tag team title picture. Vow prowrestler Two teams though that baby a man short the ugly ducklings as you know lance lewd had cancer. Surgery is out of commission right now out of action. Rob killjoys been teeming with different people at different places one of them being wifi wifi by joining in defending that of yui tactic. Titles no word yet. On who the replacement for lance lewd is gonna be. They're going to be taken on the day. Viewing all star special. Who in a few short months have set the georgia's seen own fire. They have quickly become one of the most popular tag teams in georgia wrestling. However it looks like hold my beer. Hanson sustained an injury in southern on wrestling last week. And so it's gonna be interesting to see if he's able to compete more. Who has replacement is going to be but again that's power pro wrestling. Check it out on facebook. Tickets are still available for this show but not many and not for long. And i think i mentioned this before. It's like a pretty cool venue to watch wrestling. And who knows our may like what they see the sunset auction house. Even though it may not hold as me as the sweetwater jim but it might be a A stable home for them until they can get back in the gm also coming up this weekend russell. Four in columbia on sunday again. It is a packed weekend. And if you live in the carolinas georgia there's a show to go see their shows. Friday their show saturday their shows. Sunday get out and support independent wrestling. A lot of you watched wrestlemainia over the weekend. A lot of you solve your your own instagram. You saw a lot of the people that you follow getting backstage opportunities at resume. And that's the importance of to see local wrestling because every now and then you find that one million. You find that neilan a haystack. You find that person that has that little extra town or lecture connection and they make it to the next level and there's something about a fan when you seen some one at a local gym a local armory local building. When you've seen somebody you've been able to go up to their table and buy their merchandise and have a conversation with them is is a big deal as a and you feel like hey. I kind of had a part in that. I saw them win. I saw him when they were just on the independence. So get out. Support these folks and have fun. That's the main thing wrestling supposed to be fun again. Lots of content coming this week. I haven't even scratched the surface patriot. Dot com slash. Double drop kick is where that's where we put all of our free content and that's where you can also get the paid content as well. You can subscribe to the carolinas Resume report and the double dropkick show anywhere. Where podcasts google. Podcasts apple podcast. Your mom's podcasts. Spotify or i heart radio. Listen there are times. i are podcasts. In places i didn't even know it was and that's the great thing about an rss feed. It can go anywhere So make sure you follow us. Thank you for your support. And if you've got news from local wrestling make sure you send us a message on facebook. You can message On instagram at the double drop kick show. You can also message me. I'm on facebook. I won't on instagram to free to see me a private message and let me know what shows you're going to. I'm always looking for show reports. We've got so many great shows around here when love to hear the results. I would love to hear what's happened. And i would love to hear from you on who some of your favorites are who you think is getting ready to take the carolinas and georgia by storm. So thanks for listening. Thank god bless. Have a great week. We'll see.

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