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I think you know they got some playmakers on this defense jeremy chin you know he was pretty good last year guy. They drafted and they brought in her son rettig. So you know they They're going to be improved unit. And we'll see what happens with that but i think that miami they got enough star power they. They can move the ball against his defense. And they're going up against sam darnold and you know i would normally say like oh miami could probably do well against you know darnold but you also gotta factor in mccaffrey. Dj robbie anderson now and that's the best supporting cast that you know sam darnold ever had since entering the league so it's going to be a little bit different now that he's with the panthers an the jets and so we'll see what happens but i think miami could definitely get a couple of turnovers off darnold. But they're going to have to worry about mccaffrey. Dj more and robbie anderson as well. So that's why you might be on the bubble starting miami's defense that week and then moving on to week. Thirteen the new york giants come to town to take on miami. I definitely think this is going to be a tough match-up for miami's offense because this giants defense and it might be a little biased talking. But i think this giants defense is going to be really good. I think it's i mean. I think it's going to be a top ten defense. You know i. I love what they did in the offseason. They gotta dorie jackson now over from tennessee. To bolster that secondary. Basically everybody coming. Back logan ryan you know james. Bradberry peppers mckinney. The guy they drafted last year that's secondary is going to be really good and i think they are going to. You know do a number on this. Miami receiving core I i think that you know maybe gaskin does okay here. I think the giants are a tough defense to run again. So it's going to be a little bit tough too. I think is going to have a rough time So i would say that. It's an unfavorable match up here. For the miami dolphins that we earn fantasy so kind of look for other options that week. But when you look at you know the defensive side of the ball with you got miami going up against the giants. I think it really all depends on how daniel jones doing daniel jones is not good. Then you know. Miami's defense definitely feast against daniel jones. And i think that regardless of the kind of season daniel jones is gonna have or might have you know. I think miami's going to get some turnovers in this game. Because i just think it's going to happen. That's just to daniel. Jones is but we'll have to wait and see with that. So i'm gonna say. This is an unfavorable matchup here for the miami. Dolphins offense just goes giants defense. I think is going to be really good. And it's gonna be even better than last year so we'll see what happens so week. Fourteen miami has a biweekly and then week fifteen. The jets come to town and again. I think because it's in miami. I think it's a little bit of a favorable matchup here I think too can move the ball here. I think the you know the the Receivers can do well here. I think asking does okay 'cause they're at home so i think you have a little bit more confidence in starting some of these guys you know now that they're at home as opposed to you know when they when they will have played in week. Eleven when they're at the jets but yeah i think overall you could definitely start these guys. I think it's the middle of the road matchup. And you know miami's defense. We'll see how they could do. We'll see how. Zach wilson wilson's not good then again. Miami's defense will definitely feast but zach wasn't doing really good and he had a really good game the first time these two teams met. Maybe you might want to look for some other options For the week fifteen matchup. I don't know so moving on to week number sixteen. The miami dolphins traveled to new orleans to take on the saints in the big easy. I think that this is an unfavorable match up here. I don't know how the saints are going to be this year. I think they might. They're going to definitely regress. I feel like but you know. I think they're still going to show wh well they're gonna show up for every game but i think this is going to be a game where they're gonna play really well. It's a monday night football game. That's the other thing. It's a monday night. Football game and the saints are really good in the dome on prime time. I just feel like you know even with whoever the quarterback is going to be. I think the defense is going to struggle a little bit I definitely think that this is a game. That's two was gonna struggle in this game. He's going to struggle in this game. I think the receivers are going to struggle a little bit. Gaskins gonna struggle. I just feel like this is going to be. This is going to be hard match for miami. So i think this is another week where you might want to look for some other options For that week. Because you know the saints defense look lost playmakers but they still have some guys on this team that you gotta respect. And i think there's still going to be in the thick of it for a playoff spot. I don't think they're going to be a division winner like they have been the last couple years because tampa but this is still respectable team with respectable coach. And you know there was still respectable team. And you know miami. I think is going to struggle here In this match up so again in terms of fantasy look for some other options to start that week but in week seventeen. They go to tennessee to take on the titans. I definitely think this affair will match. Up here for miami You know tennessee's defense is really not that good. The one thing i do worry about is. This team did obliterate the buffalo bills earlier in the season last year when they had. I think it was tuesday night. Football was it with the The titans and the bills they obliterated the bills. So that's the kind of something that i worry about a little bit into a you know. Get turn the ball over. So that's definitely a problem But yeah i. I think the titans defense. It's not that good. I definitely think that you know if if two is having a good season you know. This is definitely a matchup. He could do well here in. The receivers are really good thing fuller have a good game. Sickie you know. I think these guys can do well here in this match and i definitely think gaskin can have a really good game here so then. Finally week eighteen match-up against the patriots in miami. I would have to say you know. I. it's gonna go a little bit better than it did in week one but i still think this is a tough match up here. I just feel like again. The patriots overall are going to be a much better team than they were last year. And i definitely think it'll be a defensive battle kind of like what it was last year I think to what could struggle here in two is the second year guy but i i think bella check you know is gonna do a number on him again and come up with a scheme to stop him. So yeah i definitely think too is gonna struggle in both patriot games. But i think it'll be a little bit better than it wasn't week one. Even though i just said ballot check will do a number on. but we'll say Gaskin i think he could do. Okay here. i think overall you know it's It's kind of a middle of the road but lean more towards unfavorable for this week..

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