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I'm scared case cases. See the wrong thing. I mean come on. Do you know what I've reminded. His dog were always complaining. About preseason game when the making all these substitutions and kind of the thing is power the pro the whole game is the manager getting these tactique. Straight and picking the right twelve and plays performance. Players have an have an a level of physicality they can play so many games. So many things with you know just just playing the game. Where's IT GONNA stop? Listen to solve was fine years ago and then they made it three one not happy but you know what okay but come on five. I mean really what is going on. And they're talking about the frequency games you to play three games a week. So they wins. You saw the. Nobody's GonNa make you play anymore and nobody should be allowed to anymore. And if you can't do the wrong game so don't don't try and make thing easier by you. Have Ten if you don't find what what's going on with your team. Another one on does stall come on five spot to Manny Danny Stevie sitting on the fence and not really quite which way he's going what do you think I think? The STEVIE Stevie won't agree but I think we should have at least five at least five swaps. I understand Steve is coming from from joined. The and obviously you know when there's been sued. Obviously we know now that the seven Simpson and three can be used for. These are extreme. Circumstances is not going to be. It's not going to be you know something is going to stay in forever but just failed. The what's going to happen. Is these players have not gonNA play by the time they step on the football pitch GONNA play for probably two or three months and my cell phone was playing. You played in preseason game the first game it always be eleven. Plays the first forty five minutes and then another eleven plays the next five minutes Chris. The problem you're going to have is your first. Preseason game is going to be competitive primarily game so if your own if you are five substitutes. That's all well and good but that means the five plays from the would go to play the full ninety minutes and a fully competitive market. So I'm all in most subsitute just while this he's going on because they're extreme circumstances but then when the new season to start in the future because of what he's been stay to hear if you stuck in a few stuck in if you're born with and stuck in relegation mile you know you're not. GonNa Make Life Solved these. You're stuck at the ball because you starting to. Levins is good as you've got so you're going to play against Liverpool and they can make five changes when when you know that you've eleven players. Are you think they lost what you've seen as well? They'll never be ill last night. A game three games in a week then absolutely not good then because there's no way there's no way you're going to take off you. Tell me about please. Even if the tyrod because the guy you're putting on you know is absolutely not good enough. I mean it you make it easier again late most things. The bigger clubs with the biggest courts makes far easier for them so so basically turn hamstring in the small team as well true extent. Yeah I think the problem is is the. You're going back without doing anything for three months. Not Any competitive matches. And then you're gonNA turn on a football pitch. I would rather have more substitutes didn't have to play with say a place. It's my plays again. The in crop in that first competitive game gaming. The first competitive game is primarily game again. Please that game injuries. Because I'm not it's GonNa happen but you could end up with games where it's being eight thousand eight because players just aren't capable of doing it. I think for the first two or three games. It will be an issue then. I think that when they start to hit the ground and they're able to get going then I think they'll be okay but I just think kids with the safety mind with the health in mind monitor. My look playing listening needs to come off. Also the is he's not going to be available for our next game which might be like you quite rightly said in two or three days. The Games are not going to be played at the same pace. You don't WanNa go biking since you're not going to go see. A game played at incredible pace. It is so everything's going to be a level playing field for everybody. Tell let's keep a level playing field cocaine. Five subs a level playing field for the smaller teams. No chance gentlemen. Thank you very much reminded dining with me on extra time. Today joined by shocking. You can check that out on our youtube.

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